To become a blogger, there is a set of guidelines and regulations you must adhere to. The guidelines for a blogger, our Code of Conduct (CoC), can be found here.

For us to hire you, it is necessary that you fill out the below form and are:
-Older than 16 years of age. However, we will review applications from younger players if they are extremely talented writers. We mean EXTREMELY TALENTED seriously.
-Know the English language very well (both reading and writing).
-Have played Tribal Wars for at least six months OR show full knowledge of game mechanics.
-Are able to write one blog of more than 500 words a week; we do allow blogs with intervals up to a month, but by doing a longer interval, you are agreeing to add more information or make yours more interesting.
-Willing to set up a Skype account so you can talk to other bloggers (request help, random chats, etc.).
-Willing to stay on the blog for at least six months and commit to the CoC.
-You must PLAY on the world you are blogging for.

If you agree and will adhere to those guidelines for becoming a blogger, then create a new topic in the forum this post is in titled 'Blog Application for World _' answering the following topics:

Required Questions:
Your In-Game Names (past and present, especially the one you use for the world you want to apply to):
Your Forum Names (past and present):
Your Skype name/tag:
Your E-mail Address:
Your Age:
The world you want to blog for:
The time you have spent playing TW:
Your top reason(s) why you want to blog:

Optional Questions:
Your Internet Reliability (excellent/good/poor/terrible):
Past Experience with Writing, Blogging, and TW:
Your Education Level (High School, College, etc.):
A bit of background on yourself:

In addition, please write a mock blog (2+ paragraphs) about the world you want to blog for. Feel free to include graphics, interviews, etc. We expect to see at least two articles on current events, as well as a map OR stats on a war. You may IN ADDITION link to writings you have done, but we still expect a mock blog!

We require that you answered all of the above questions in full sentences. This is to let us judge your grammar and grasp of the English language. If you like, you may use show off your knowledge by using things like prepositional phrases, introductory adverbial clauses, etc. Showing us your knowledge will only help your cause.

As stated above, the blog is a SERIOUS commitment. Do NOT bother to apply if you are not willing to give the time and effort to blog. Please be aware that you will be required to give up some time for an additional interview over Skype so we can ask additional questions that come up as the process moves along.

Lastly, only apply if the world you want to blog for does not have a current blogger. We only accept one blogger per world. If you are interested in blogging for more than one world, you can add them in order of preference. Please be aware you will only get to blog for one world at a time.

DO NOT lie. If we find out you lied on your application, you will be removed from the team. We have zero tolerance for lying; doing it on your application shows poor character.