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  1. True identity

    OMG GUISE@@@ I just realized... Sarah Palin... Is Really...... Dick Cheney@ harblgarbl@ Discuss.
  2. Heaven

    W00t! I know what it's like. Heaven is obviously a doctors appointment where REALLY HOT redhead doctor is feeling your stomach with her hand, slowly going downwards while ordering you to eat chips and drink coke as much as you like as that is good for you. How do I know that? Because I...
  3. zalasta

    Internet Problems

    Hi I am having a few problems with my wireless internet router. I have BT Broadband with a Wireless G+ router which gives me wireless internet to my laptop. But occasionally i will be using my laptop (usually using the internet) when all of a sudden my MSN and Internet will go off when i...
  4. Offtopican Quilt Of Memorable Faces

    (The below post alike any Off Topic post I start has a voice over for those who do not wish to read it's contents but would rather listen to a monotonic Australian voice - here) My fellow Offtopicans and Spammers alike! I have come to you today with a message, a message and an idea. An idea...
  5. pablo13

    band name help

    me and my friends are starting a rock band, but we cant come up with a name. can anyone think of a good name for a rock band? cuz im stumped P@BLO
  6. Brisingr!!!!

    It comes out on the 20th. Saturday. Third book in the Inheritence CYCLE. (Eragon series) Who else is excited??? :icon_razz: :icon_biggrin:
  7. lord darth balthazar

    Tribe wars tribute

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc7_zy62yvI enjoy
  8. Gas Prices(US)

    Dudes, you know how hurrican Ike is hitting Texas?? Well, my mom just went to get gas, and it was up by 50 cents. The lines were long too. She then proceeded to try 5 other gas staions.. all were sold out comepletely. When she returned to the first one, it was too. I live in Alabama. What's it...
  9. OT user of the month / wall of fame

    Here's the deal. We need a real wall of fame, not just something where you nominate yourself or where you can vote all the users you like. Monthly we vote/discuss/debate about who should be the OT user of the month and that person gets avatar he/she is using at the time framed on the wall of...
  10. OT Army Operation: Urban Deadlock

    Hotbar: Actions | Maps | Current R&C Status | CP Ranks | Activity Check | Media Operation Urban Deadlock is CLOSED. Sorry! You cannot join the game under any circumstances :( However, this is the Alpha run, so these wonderful people are going to work out all the bugs and problems, and there...
  11. TjDarkness

    The Offtopican Army

    Sign up now! The official army flag: ARMY General of the Army TjDarkness Lieutenant General typhlosionrulez Major General Saiyans Brigadier General Cory9289 Colonel osdeath Lieutentant Colonel Ymbirtt Major Ibo321 Captains winkawinka Amanduh Lieutenants Moonsoon Venom Sergeants...
  12. Morrowind guild

    I have made this guild for people who play the game morrowind and what to discuss it. You can give character info, take screenshots of your character, talk about your fav mods and just discuss morrowind. The guild's national anthem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx1t1sTC_t4# My char...
  13. /b/

    Is dead. D:
  14. Conflict in Rwanda - Experience or knowledge

    Hi. Im doing a study on the conflict in Rwanda and Im looking for people with stories, experience, or just good knowledge of the situation. If you are interested, reply here with your email, or email me at jasmine.trademe@gmail.com It would be really helpful and you can stay annonymous if...
  15. New Fight for the Continent Game

    Since TJ has declared his game dead, I will start a new one...with some slight modifications Instead of taking an entire country in one attack, a successful attack results in you gaining approximately 1/3 of the original size of the country (I have tried to make all countries approximately...
  16. bored

    i am bored i need something to do any suggestions p.s: dont suggest porn
  17. Cory9289

    Guide To Forums

    Hello, this one of the biggest and most thought out guides you will find. Created by me and a few others for your forum needs. Remember, you may disagree with the material. If you do, feel free to explain why. Enjoy! Contents 1:Forum Personalities -1a:The Severe Poster -1b:Grammar Police...
  18. Post your real life pictures

    Hi all sup Every game of any kind should have its " Post your real life pic " thread So i looked in the offtopic section and couldn't find 1 ( there might be 1 and i couldn't find it ) Anyway heres my pic .. Post yours :D the maximum size is 640x480 pixels ( according to the...
  19. Emperor Jake

    Last User To Post Here Wins

    Okay Everyone this is very simple. The Very last user to post in this thread wins. I am winning :icon_razz: