1. Misc Model adjust for fake limit

    This script lets you make a template with a certain ratio adjusted for fake limit. If, for example, you introduce this ratio on a rally point model You'll see that it has 15 farm units on it. Which wouldn't be enough for me to send an attack (tested the script when i had aprox 2.1k points) By...
  2. The Quacks

    Commands Smart simple fake script

    This script is a rewrite of fxutility's fake script, with the added feature that it will now adjust the number of units in the attack according to the village points. You can change window.coords to the desired coordinate list, window.ram_spy_ratio to the ammount of spies you want to send per...
  3. The Quacks

    Stats Bash points in reports

    This is a very small script to calculate how much OD a given report generates. Just run it in the overview of a given report, and two lines will be added with the gained ODA and ODD.
  4. The Quacks

    Commands Command Renamer with colors

    This script has been doing the rounds in the illegal Portuguese scripting community for ages, and it is almost part of defending meta on that server. However, it seems to respect all the rules for legal scripts so I decided to create a more user-friendly version and legalize it. To use the...
  5. The Quacks

    Misc Import Export Quickbar

    This script will allow importing and exporting tribal wars quick bar. With this, you may share your pretty quick bar with all your pretty scripts with your friends or tribemates. Simply run it on the quick bar edit vision. The usage should be intuitive. Any question feel free to post below. I...
  6. Daddy Ashen

    Commands incoming renamer

    hello this is an old script (which it was approved before) but it needed an update (a moderator on discord forum updated),if i have to talk to the owner of the script to be approval let me know
  7. The Quacks

    Farming (LA) Keypress optimized

    Dear sirs, I bring to your attention a slightly tweaked version of Keypress by Crimsoni. I simply took the script and made it slightly faster so that it sends 4.9 attacks per second as 4.5 in the original script. I also introduced some tweaks so that it would be faster to load and less...
  8. The Quacks

    Scavenging Optimal single village scavenging

    Approved t14493425 (.net) Approved t14513816 (.nl) This script goes back to basics, optimizing resource scavenging on a single village. Fundamentally, it is based on a script by @Shinko to Kuma, but the inner math is such that the resources scavenged per hour are maximal (see plots below)...
  9. The Quacks

    Map/Coord Hide barbarians in LA

    You must run this script in the map. The script will hide all the villages that are currently in your loot assistant, and optionally player villages. When you run the script, this popup will show up: If the first checkbox is selected, the script will hide player villages. The second checkbox...