1. SinekValesi

    Reward Committed Sitter

    I think there should be some rewards for account sitters. Actually some players sit many accounts, spending hours and hours to help their tribe/tribemates but get nothing in return. And this makes the dedicated and devoted sitters look like he's or she's doing nothing in the war. Even they are...
  2. TheRealNuno

    mass friend requests for allied tribes

    I think that allied tribes should have a button to send several friend requests in a row, maybe here
  3. Improving Sharing Village Notes Function

    Given this is an integral part of the game when working together, putting together fang/nuke/fake scripts etc.; I think a good idea to improve the functionality of the sharing village notes would be to allow the village notes to appear simply from scrolling over the village on the map and...
  4. Failed Vote Nukeawarness - Minimap overview

    Currently it looks like this if you click a village.If you hover over the village, it will look something like this. Whats wrong you may ask? Well, for one thing - You only see 6 commands. I thought, could it be improved? Ignore green commands? As you can with incoming ones? Well, it's not a...
  5. Can you suck me now

    Hey ol' mates

    Greeting every old mate of world 9. Who are still going strong in TW in other worlds? Shout out for everyone of the warriors who are still sharpening their axes and training their LC