1. misteralb

    Add a limit on AM buildings construction

    So what I mean by this. The AM buildings upgrader will add up to 5 buildings at a time picked from the AM buildings template. Sometime this results in excessive resources usage, especially since the AM buildings template don't have a reserve resources capability. As a side effect, it might...
  2. bobertini

    AM: See what the next building in the AM queue should be

    Not sure if its just me, but when I see "Warning: This village is currently being developed by your Account Manager" and no building actively being constructed I always wonder what AM is trying to save up res for so I can tweak the template so its more efficient. I'm asking for a simple...
  3. bobertini

    Ability to add buildings to the queue with 0 farm space

    Just another idea of mine, If you currently have no population space, you cannot add buildings (because you have no population space). My tweak is that, if you add a farm to the queue, the option to add buildings to the queue becomes available (as long as you would have population space). To...
  4. TLI-Inferno

    In Progress Construction Template + Over 5 Queue

    When the account manager is running a construction template, which causes the queue to go up to 5 tasks while you're in the headquarters without refreshing the task list to show it, and you add a building to the queue with a premium account active, it is added to the queue without asking you if...