1. Mass Attack Planner Script allowed in German (.de) World?

    Hi, I was just wondering if this following quickbar script is allowed in german worlds: javascript:$.getScript('');
  2. Map marking

    Is there a script or extension to easily mark villages on the map? Without leaving the map page itselt. Cause now even with premium you need to go to village, manage highlights, add a highlight and later on repeating the same thing to remove it. A lot of clicking and it gets really annoying...
  3. FA Ntoombs Does not Show Bot Protection

    Hello all, I am running LA enhancer 1.13.1 I found on the forums. Sometimes while running the script in keypress mode (suppose I'm pressing A) my action stops occurring, I was confused at first, but I have realized that it is because bot protection shows up in the background but does not...
  4. Loocking For Scripter

    Hello, I am a user of a userscript that is permitted on .ch and . de with the name "Truppenflter mit Ankunftszeiten" (Troop flter with arrival times). Unfortunately, this script does not work on "special worlds" such as Casual. Since the scripter who created this script at that time has...
  5. Rejected Legal scripts implemented in the game?

    Hello, I have a question. Can't the legal scripts be implemented in the game, in order to remain functional even after each update brought into the game?
  6. Add keypress to the game

    This really falls under the classic "add x script to the game" but i really think this feature is more necessary than any other script. Just the idea of being able to assign keybinds to the farm buttons should definitely not be exclusive to people who know how to access forums and stuff, it...

    Failed Vote Implement Snipe Scripts in the game

    I firmly believe tribal wars should include an inbuilt basic sniping script as a core to the game. There is absolutely no reason that it shouldn't be included in the rally point as an option to defend. I still to this day snipe by hovering over a village and checking the countdown timer...
  8. Linoko

    Question New script approval process

    I've been away from the game for a year and so and have a question about the new script approval process. Does anyone know if previously approved scripts are still legal, or do they have to be resubmitted under the new system?
  9. is this script legal?

    legal script on .net? javascript:$.getScript(';void 0;
  10. kira.

    Question Backtime Script

    Does anyone have a simple backtime script? The ones ive come across are used on incoming screen but it doesn't show the seconds :c
  11. Eakshow McGee

    Failed Vote Create Fakescript from Template

    As of now, fakescripts have to be generated through external sites or grab one that exist / make your own. Problem with this in my eyes is that it can be hard to create a script that you can change on your own to, unless you have the knowledge. A way around this could be to implement fakescript...
  12. Shinko to Kuma

    Misc Updated resource sender for minting!

    Approved on .net! ticket nr. t13653312 DISAPPROVED ON .NL! I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE LURKING HERE, DONT USE IT ON .NL! Hi all, this one was requested a while so here it is This allows you to choose a target village of your choice, and you can send resources to it from all the villages in your...