1. TheRealNuno

    Rejected by Developer paladin sistem

    I think the modern system was not well thought, its annoying to sacrifice a book just to use the next, maybe it should immediately be free to use as soon as I reach the intended paladin level, because i never have used all the books in the inventory in my 4 years of gameplay
  2. Paladin skills on simulator?

    Hi all, I'm playing in world 127 (paladin skills = on) and am trying to apply my paladin's skills to the simulator but I'm having difficulty doing so. Is there a function in the simulator that I didn't see? If not, how can I view simulated results that take into consideration paladin skills...
  3. Failed Vote Tier 3 ramming Paladin Skills

    Can we had ramming at tier 3 to balance red & blue paladins. Currently there is zero need to put more than 12 points into blue paladin, however red paladin gets the disadvantage of requiring 13 points. This unfairness is compounded by defence being able to stack from multiple villages...
  4. Olve

    Failed Vote Make paladins more individual

    Can we turn the paladin more into a talent tree with choices? For example: Instead of letting it only buff swords & spears, why not give it a choice between spear/archer/swords. Where you can only pick two, or that you can only spread 60% of the buff between all 3, so you can either do 20% 20%...
  5. Rejected by Developer Paladin Skill Book Trading

    Hello everyone! Just a cool idea I thought of as Ive ran across too many worlds where I'm unable to find the Pally skill books I want or need at the times I need or want them. I know INNO has the PP trade system but Id much rather spend my money on things like Rec boosts and Premium account...