1. HotLikeDat

    Statistics - Units gained/lost

    It would be quite useful, in my opinion, to be able to see info on both units gained AND lost, rather than a net of the two. Currently on the statistics page we can see a net of troops gained and lost. If we could see info on both it would help to gauge farming efficiency through lost lc on...
  2. Eakshow McGee

    Search with Tribe Tag in Player rankings

    Add tribe tag as a search option for individual player rankings: Players Continent Players Opponents Defeated In a day ranking This way its easier to get an overview of a whole tribe and the stats of different players in it, without checking every individual player. (eg. possible to see ODS...
  3. Failed Vote Not counting OD from attacking/defending from your own tribe

    Basically, I think OD stats should not count when it is from your own tribe as to prevent boosting of OD stats. Some OD is organic when players go inactive etc, but overall it would stop the abuse of boosting OD stats.
  4. Failed Vote Tracking Lost Res

    Have you ever wondered why you have less nobles after a minting session even though you used res packs and buffs? After checking your math you know that for some reason, you do not have as many nobles as you were thinking you would get. Finally you realize that your merchants were dumping the...