1. One Last Shot...

    Duplicate Global AM templates

    This was suggested by a user who is 'not much of a forum guy' :) It would be useful to be able to save AM building and troop templates globally - like the quickbar - so that it can be quickly accessed on all worlds (present and future).
  2. IceFire

    Duplicate Global dynamic groups template

    As someone that uses a lot of the same dynamic groups on multiple worlds, having a global template for them would be amazing. The feature should work the same way as a global quick bar feature works. This should save some time when setting up everything from scratch on a new world. IceFire
  3. Village Notes Templates

    Village notes is a huge part of the game and I think the use of it could be greatly improved. The two things I thing would be immensely helpful are: 1) The ability to have village note templates similar to troop templates. Obviously these would be customizable and up to each player but easy...
  4. TLI-Inferno

    In Progress Construction Template + Over 5 Queue

    When the account manager is running a construction template, which causes the queue to go up to 5 tasks while you're in the headquarters without refreshing the task list to show it, and you add a building to the queue with a premium account active, it is added to the queue without asking you if...
  5. Gilgamesh

    Rejected Account Manager Global Template

    We can currently save our templates in Account Manager but they do not carry over from world to world. I would like to suggest that we implement a change that allows us to save a global template like the way we can save/load our Global Quick Bar. AM Dynamic settings and templates are time...