1. Co player for mornings on EU Server

    Curently playing on UK servers on tribal wars , World with Church , looking for someone to cover me mornings, due to work i am not able to play all day myself. Let me know. I would also like that player is able to snipe, cancel snipe, scavenge and usage or knowledge of scripts . If you want i...
  2. ropey - blue text

    Misc mass village renamer on the website and when it was original legal but no one resubmitted it it for somereason had it listed as: javascript:$.getScript('');void(0); but the...
  3. Satoru

    Youtube Banner Design For Tribal Wars By Me!

    I made a banner for the tribal wars youtube channel and was wondering you guys's opinions and if possibly they could use this? <3 I make all the thumbnails for my channel etc, and would love to give them a new look if they wanted :)
  4. Shinko to Kuma

    Misc Updated resource sender for minting!

    Approved on .net! ticket nr. t13653312 DISAPPROVED ON .NL! I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE LURKING HERE, DONT USE IT ON .NL! Hi all, this one was requested a while so here it is This allows you to choose a target village of your choice, and you can send resources to it from all the villages in your...