1. Twisted Legacy

    Troop Counter/Vault In Transit Support Counter

    Most Support Counter script's do not include troops that are in transit, This script will only count the troops in transit. Most benefical if having to post how many packets sent to villages.
  2. Twisted Legacy

    Commands New Incoming Op Spotter

    Old script made New Script Must be Run from Incomings Attack screen. This script will not include incoming support anymore. javascript:$.getScript(""); Original Op Spotter Post: Here (Broken) Original Train Spotter Post: Here (Working)
  3. Twisted Legacy

    Commands Incoming Train Spotter

    javascript:$.getScript(''); void(0); Instructions on using the script 1. Run the Script (If on the wrong page you will be redirected to the correct page) A window will open showing any possible incoming trains with a hyperlink taking...
  4. Twisted Legacy

    Misc Old School Ms Timer

    Old Version.. Nothing but ms timer
  5. Twisted Legacy

    Misc Incoming Op Spotter

    Incoming Op Spotter javascript:$.getScript('');void 0;
  6. Twisted Legacy

    Commands Proximity G2K

    Proximity G2K Sends out balanced/dynamic packets to desired locations
  7. Twisted Legacy

    Map/Coord Coord Picker

    I believe this is the UK script for coord picking