10.000 Point Village


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Hi Can Enyone Give Me The Building Of 10.000 Point Of Village Please.

Withouth Church
Without Archer
Without Statue.


10.000 points village

hq lvl 20
barracks lvl 25
stable lvl 20
workshop lvl 5
academy lvl 3
smithy lvl 20
rally lvl 1
market lvl 21
timber lvl 30
clay lvl 30
iron lvl 30
farm lvl 30
warehouse lvl 30
hiding lvl 0
wall lvl 20


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Village Headquarters (Level 20)
Barracks (Level 25)
Stable (Level 20)
Workshop (Level 5)
Academy (Level 3)
Smithy (Level 20)
Rally point (Level 1)
Market (Level 21)
Timber camp (Level 30)
Clay pit (Level 30)
Iron mine (Level 30)
Farm (Level 30)
Warehouse (Level 30)
Wall (Level 20)

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Wow usman, going for most redundant post of the forum? Are the bold letters that important? Pfft!

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Do you like repeating 5 days old posts for no good reason and asking dumb questions?


without the packet system - just simple lvl 1 academy...

can someonelse calcaulate that for me :p?


I don't think statue gives any points... So if it doesnt then I know theres one where everything is maxed except hiding place which is level 3 and market which is level 20.