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jesus i've been here for 10yrs. the only reason I continue is because it's like, why stop now?

Literally have gone through middle school, high school, and almost done with college and I still haven't won that last user to post here wins

Why am i so dedicated to this? I guess it's easy to just pop by and post once and leave. wow, crazy feeling.

maybe this is a crutch and if I stop, i'll enter a new chapter. a metamorphosis. my life is pretty good actually, bless up

i should just post here now and use this thread as a diary


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It's so weird, in all the time i've been here i don't think i've ever seen you interacting with the other posters or really posting anywhere other than the Last user to post here thread (i think you did sorta recently post in some other thread, which i found really unnerving :D)
We've been on here pretty much the same time and haven't even said Hi to each other. So, i guess.....Hi ^^

Also change is good, it's not always easy but it is exciting :)

Edit: ok wtfudge are those emojis?? : S


I keep asking myself why I pop back in from time to time. Sometimes I don't make a post and disappear again, but sometimes I do. My newest love is to read through some of my old posts and re-live some of the ideas and thoughts that I feel pretty well removed from. Makes me feel like 5+ years was so long ago. Or just see how stupid/naive/blind I was. Maybe I'm just less cynical in some ways. Oh well. Here's to another 10 for ya? Maybe this place will go through a resurgence of sorts and be as lively as it once was.


I know 4 names on here and I haven't logged in for like 2 years.


Also been here for 10 years now .. though this account joined the forums a bit late =)..

There is no escape.
Therin: I see I'm not the only one still around from the glorious days of W12 ;)


You people need a hobby. Wouldn't catch me here after 10 years...