10 years

Miller d

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Skyline speaks :eek: I thought he was a bit designed to win the last user posts here thread...

Insane to see some familiar people posting. Hope everyone is doing well.


I'm literally a grown man with a career now. When I started posting here, I was posting chainmail from Myspace on the Last User thread and Ibo and Unnamed Warrior countertrolled me.

simpler times holy crap
Bruh I'm a doctor now. LOL at all the weird stuff I used to do


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As I sit around bored on a Saturday night I thought it would be fun to join a game again. Next thing I know, oh look the forums.... congrats I guess.


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Oh dear I've been playing since 2008.... and am now a grandmother... Eeeeek Not on .net untill we joined you here but on .se ;) And ops I know some of the players I played with 9 or 8 years ago still play but they swithched to .net

Love you all