100 Mil Club

Weird Wabbit Juse

Still Going Strong
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Just wanted to welcome myself to the 100mil club of opponents defeated.
I'd like to dedicate this moment to:
  • my mom
  • dad (where ever he is)
  • trexy-poo for beating me to 100m
  • Rage and eddie because they've been bae's since day one. (Snoevl the side chick)
  • WUS for finally getting us out of that tribe that was toxic, y'all were so toxic there.
  • Visine for the amount of D that they give me, especially stew;s amount of girth.
Looks like eddie is on his climb to obtaining his position in this exclusive club also. So rage please catch up to us and get the phat pack up top.

We've been blowing things away.

If anyone would like to donate free villages to the cause please feel free to send them to my P.O. Box.



Nice guys. I plan my next op very soon watch this space.

Operation premium nation in play

Age Of Empires
Commander and conquer of Valhalla nation

Weird Wabbit Juse

Still Going Strong
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Idk I think I taught you some trolling skills honestly. You taught me how to get kicked from a tribe by taking the trolling to far lol



Trex, Babin?

Anyone know how I can contact these players?