1mil Account looking for full time player

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I'm quitting the game basically,

The account name is Silentknight6416, and it has a little more than a months premium though the premium for this month just expired.
The troops are almost all rebuilt as I've been away the last 3 weeks, though alot of the defensive builds suck, since I was trying to get the defense made before I went away on vacation to send to tribemates at war.
16 nobles are made, another 43 can be.
Also its by far r1 in continent. (k76)
It is currently a tribeless account (biggest one in world last time I checked) major tribes nearby are Se7en, theres TPL somewhat close?
Se7en sends the occasional attack, scouting or nuking, but it hasn't been a real problem.

The only slight problem with the account is that there aren't any reports for farm assist, or they're completely random (some villa's over 100 away targeted when there are much closer villas).

Basically, its a fairly decent account, and I'm quitting (my 2 co's quit right before the war without any heads up, they've been away over a month now with no word so I assume they've dropped off).

If anyone is interested add me on Skype, name is Evan Mata


Dang thats a pretty account. :)
With the right person behind the "wheel" could certainly make an impact on this world.
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As of now noones bothered to Skype me lol.

Might add - if you're not going into a war right away theres rediculous growth opportunities in K, If someone was active enough they can probably get 500k in a week. Probably,


​This can be deleted now, seems I found someone.