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After you dodge one place you have to speed ur ass to the next incomings hitting in 5 seconds :)
Try that with cancel and stuff....
I click build troups script all the time and move res to safe place and when i have free time i send resources for serious upgrades.
I'm pretty sure there's no worlds with a max of less than 5 minutes to cancel for resource transits. If you plan properly, you can easily manage it. Or are you saying that you wouldn't manage to dodge all troops if you had ~10 attacks hitting about 5s apart?

All it takes is a shortcut link the same as quickdodge:


Have a report archived of a resource transit containing whatever amount of resources you want to dodge as a generic amount (I use 35k/45k/30k) then use the report id in that link. Voila, a quickdodge shortcut for resources. If you don't have enough res for that transit, it wont take long to notice that, and use a less specific link:


Get a village id, fill in that link, then have a script that fills in the maximum amount of resources in the form, click send, voila: your resources are dodged.

It's really not that difficult.


Dont have any of the shortcuts on my quick bar :)

I time troups to move from village to village to block incomings arriving per hour if i have 2000 incomings
So the time i have from 1 incoming landing to another is spend moving calculating arrival times for troups moving arround like bowling balls

Lets say i dodge/stack all day long: if i have incomings all day hitting some villages i like to just make sure i spend less time removing the resources lets say 12 times from same village.
so i send them all to a near by safe village.
I have reports filter active for fakes and removal of suport+ trade reports for a easy filtering of reports
(the Script to filter reports was made pretty recently if im corect)

But i will try ur ideea.
For me dodging resources was minting coins if was way too much to send with market 20, than sending what i was able and keeping what hidding place was able to keep safe if walls where rammed.
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