2 Years in Review --- Continent History


About one year ago, I made the "year in review" thread and included maps of the first year of the world. I haven't updated that much, as I am quite the lazy bum, but whatever. The thread about the "worst" tribe in World 9 history has some talk about continent history and tribe history and inspired me to make this continent history thread. Also, I realized we're upon the 2 year anniversary of World 9, so why not.

Just post all your recollections of any continents here; any and all will be edited in provided that give at least a rough history and not just a couple of events.

This should be easier to maintain as all I have to do is edit in quotes.


Continents 51-75


K 55 was may be the most interesting Kontinent in the early days of W9 as most of the top tribes were located there .

First period was when DNA - a tribe located in many continents recruited alot in K 55 top players although not all of them were worth it .

The family days ( I call them )- was the next stage when 2 big families with 3-4 branches each ruled the K - one was AoD ( angels of death ) the second were their allies .

Breaking of the families - NGR started to attack the second family and handfull of players made a new tribe for the sole purpose to have more targets and better organization to fight NGR . They asked AoD to help them but the leader of it was some N00b that was located in K 43 or something like that and did not want to gt in trouble . BATZ was always a factor in this K as they were a great group of people who were playing couple previous worlds together and were growing strong .

AoD came into domination after 2 short months into the world but many players were cut off expansion room and they decided to make a new tribe with only handfull players from the family - Power! was created .
only couple days after , Power! declared on a tribe called GTSC that were close to them and till than they were napped too from the family days . BATZ were allied to this tribe and they were supporting them . I can not say if there were a winner from this fight as the world was still young and not many conquers were made but the opponent of Power! disbanded and the players were invited from the surounding tribes . I am not sure at the time but I think somewhere in this time TIP were already ruling the sountwest and GOR was made . GOR recruited many of the hightranked players in K55 but the tribe itself was located on many kontinents always recruiting the highpointers .

Somewhere at this point NGR were already close to disbanding as they were too stretched allover the world and a group of their players on K 56 joined Power! . The remainings from AoD were nobled and GOR was close to disbanding becouse fighting against RAW and this was the point when

RECK was made - a small tribe with less than 15 members but all very active and skillfull . And now the doplomacy realy began

K 55 was dominated by 3 those tribes - BATZ , Power! and in the middle of those 2 , RECK

BATZ and Power! were napped . Some internal issues rised in Power! and the players that joined from NGR left and made a small tribe on K 56 named

SunTzu - like RECK this tribe was also small in numbers but filled with skill .

Somewhere in this time RAW and Power! started attacking TIP and after 2-3 short weeks or may be a month TIP disbanded not only becouse of the war but more becouse of inactivity of the leaders .

SunTzu merged into BATZ , RECK merged into Power! who became PoweR!.

Couple days after those mergers BATZ canceled the NAP and on new years eve they started attacks on couple of PoweR! members and most of the attacks were sent to Terryoski one of the Reckless crew . Both tribes gained so much respect from each other that after that most of the coreplayers from both sides are playing side by side on many worlds to come ( W16 CND , W20 Hug , W34 IQ , W36 XVI ).
DNA and SiouX merged = DNS . SiouX were long allies to BATZ but after the merge DNS started immidiate attacks on BATZ wich players decided there is no point to stay on this world and defend against PoweR! , DNS and Eagles .
couple players joined PoweR! , couple joined DNS but the most quit and gifted villages to both sides .
K 55 was since than controled by PoweR! players .

After the disbandment of PoweR! we adviced the players to join DNS as RAW was not the same as before anymore after Hiba has quit and I think DNS controls the K still.



servius prime said:
K70 was until now always a continent with many tribes eyes on it. When i first started there ~TL~ was the dominant tribe there. But it was a small tribe of 2 million points. There were presence of players from tribe like RAW , IIRsII (before it became ritual). We in ~TL~ tried to consolidate the continent under one tribe under the leadership of Heliosjiee and Thunder66 by conquering other smaller tribes. But then Heliosjiee quit and suddenly there was attack from ~TrL~ and ~TL~ was conquered and ~TrL~ became the dominant tribe. Some time later it was attacked by Ritual and followed by attacks by SWAT. Attack on ~TrL~ catalysed the downfall of Ritual but at the same time ~TrL~ also merged into the RAW family. After the disbanding of SWAT it is again a bit peaceful continent now with me holding the numero uno position since the time of ritual war.



At the very beginning I had a tribe with Aquariano, called I.K (Imperius Knights), we left and formed Moat with Chumgeyser an awesome player and many others.

Moat was a really small tribe with only the best players, Driftr, Aquariano, Crod, Plunderous-1, Keyser Soze and others that now I don't remember. By the time we created MOAT we owned k74 and Order started fighting DNS and so instead of helping DNS against Order we did the opposite we helped Order against DNS. While Order was being killed we kept fighting and lost almost no villages and our conquers were equal to the number of villages we kept losing because we were defending very well and stacking the villages that had DNS attacks. DNS saw an opportunity to grab us as they saw a good bunch of players fighting and giving them some resistance even when we were 1/8 their points and so we joined DNS. After we joined DNS we started nobling inactive players until the NAP with A:M ended, then we started nobling like hell, we had the upper-hand we had gandalfalix aquariano and even me on a nobling spree we rimmed 3-4 players and we had no people countering, the game started to get boring we had free OD and villages. That's when FUN showed up to the party bringing their nobles to k74, they got 3-4 villages which they completely stacked and we killed and nobled them back.

But then A:M merged with FUN forming F:M, things started getting even, I quit by the time El Lifford nobled me 3-4 villages, I was tired of the game, being a front liner with A:M sucked since they weren't doing anything. A good prove of that was that I moved to k75 and then to k47 where we were fighting OB if I'm not wrong.



MooMix1 said:
K75 was dominated by the AD family from fairly early on and led primarily by Homosacer. Other top tribes included {RS}, led by Porno_Boss (now PB), and TUC tribe. AD began war with TUC on November 9th, 2007. The first major war (that I can remember) on K75.

On December 1st, several players (including Sunks, LadyPirotess, and Enderdrew) led a rebellion against the AD leadership, forming «eVe». The rebellion was the result of Homosacer giving in to pressure from *DNA* (K65) to prepare for war with TIP-SE (K74). «eVe» appeared in the Top 20 a couple weeks after formation, before merging with SiouX (K65) on December 30th. The next day the merge between SiouX and *DNA* was official, forming DNS.

Eventually, DNS's war with the F:M family and INVITE family began with fronts to the South and East. F:M got a serious hold in K75 after the supposed hacking of OneWinged (DNS), a player in central K75. To this day, the wars continue. DNS is still #1 in the continent and has just a bit more than 50% control. F:M is 2nd. Invite is 3rd.

Being a leader of AD and later eVe I am not sure I agree with this history of K75.

In truth the war with TIP didn't have so much to do with the coup. Although we had attack plans ready for some minor offensive against TIP to back up SiouX and DNA, we never received anything signaling that it was time for us to strike. With no real communication between the tribes we just never went to war.

The true reason behind the coup was that Homosacer did not wish to do what was necessary to make the tribe effective. AD consisted of about 300 people, many of which were very inactive and poor players. In order to have any chance of long term survival it was absolutely necessary to downsize the tribe, but Homosacer believed it would be morally wrong to remove 200 people. As a result, Sunks, Enderdrew, Wushuki and Dulcin planned a coup. LadyPirotess was not involved until much later. The coup was successful and created the new tribe of eVe.

Then the real problems started. DNA, located on K65, recruited some refugees from the former AD, including Homosacer himself. Needless to say, Homosacer was not particularly happy with what had happened and was inciting nearby tribes against eVe. DNA refused to remove him and instead started recruiting among eVe members. DNA also began conquering many villages inside the eVe territory of K75. Tensions rose as attempts to convince SiouX and BATZ to go to war with DNA failed and were discovered. In the meantime eVe began to become increasingly mismanaged. With the impending doom of an eVe-DNA war and dissatisfaction with the leadership of eVe, Wushuki pushed for a merge between eVe and SiouX.

One of the eVe leaders, Enderdrew, was strongly opposed to this. Enderdrew had been a TIP spy from the start of the game and intended to let K75 join with TIP. As TIP had collapsed and the remnants merged in DNA, his agenda changed to delivering K75 to DNA instead. At the time the leadership of eVe believed that a war between SiouX and DNA was inevitable and so Enderdrew feared that merging with SiouX would let K75 join up with his enemies. When it became clear to the leadership of eVe that SiouX and DNA were about to merge into each other, Enderdrew changed his mind and agreed to a merge. This created sufficient support in the tribe to merge eVe with the new DNS.

I have little knowledge of what happened afterwards as I had left the game shortly after the merge. Feel free to copy any parts of what I wrote here to update the history or to disregard it, if you prefer.
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Continents 76-99


From a young, 1 village master, it had always been 'alive' way down in K85... To tell the story of how it became to be today; I must tell ye my own...

Since small and vulnerable, I quickly came to realize the benefit of dominating my 7x7 - few barbs offered little resources (never enough) and it became obvious i must venture out to the hunt of active players and acquire their resources. Still fairly new to the game, I took the step up to clearing and farming the players around me, leaving only those bigger. For a while, my 8 man tribe based in K77 ('Boros') was adequate for protection... But dawned it upon me, the growing number of tags being replicated around me made me once again vulnerable... Enter tribe: OKT. My first real tribe on this world, and to this date my favorite :D After a masterful application, I was invited promptly. A quick scan of the map, boasted reassurance with my move, as i was all of a sudden surrounded by blue! OKT at the time was the #2 tribe in K85 at just under 500K points, with "TMD" rank 1, with 800K. (a big difference back then) With TMD also our best allies, I was free to grow big enough to noble my first village (a barb....).

OKT was a great tribe, we operated on an external forum - a very classy player made one. Mainly our exhibitions were against small tribes, and tribeless players, gaining ground and solidifying our main grounds in K85 - searching for that all important village to tip us over to rank #1... Later on OKT became a flourishing tribal family - it sectioned players by region and formed North, South, East and West wings. All centered though our shared forums. It worked well! Some players in OKT: sday03, duke eazy z, Tarquyn, strabrahide, BigDaddyG(r.i.p) and many more not here with us anymore.

One day sday03 saw an opportunity. a 3k village with no tribe... Armed with 2 villages 4k and 1k - sday03 saw, came and conquered, only to see an inbound noble from the top player in the K!!!!! Obive - 28k, Duke of "Ares" #3 tribe 800k (i think). I remember thinking holy Shiiiiiiiiiitachi mushroom!!!! I quickly threw everything i had into the village to kill the noble, which it did. Obive them proceeded to send an angry mail saying he claimed it, I stood my ground and lost my main village (lol) Thus sparking off the first war OKT had seen. OKT 1mil vs Ares 800k - we had advantages in numbers, but Ares had alot of the larger players in K85... We set ourselves for a bloody war...

The first few days proved bad news, I lost my only nuke trying to take back my lost village, and Obive had taken 2 villages off our members! I remember sending a "I really hope this takes the freakin' village" noble train at a village i guessed would be empty, as my old main village was to well defended for me to take. it took 12 hours to get there, and during that time Obive was beginning to crack... my hopes raised - and i took the village!!!!!

A - Operation Niagara Falls (531|838) K85 10,756 obive [Ares] sday03 [{OKT}S]

^ that was it! Obive was broken... I went on to take 3 more of his villages including the one i lost...! (yay) My and OKT's first victory...

A few clock revelations later... TMD grew unstable internally and collapsed... A sad day for many who'd been with them since the beginning. But a new super tribe was being brewed! |K||P| was born! Many of the original TMD players joined up and relations between OKT and KP grew strong very quickly - so strong infact, it was decided to merge and become the 1 tribe to rule K85 together.

The tribe had new goals now... K85 was conquered, only small tribes remained at the bottom of K85 that were quelled easily, one main expedition was "DSA" - a lone eagle tribe based at the top of K85/75 border, a few good players that made us break a few beads of sweat... The game was now about looking for new K's to habitate... First choice? K84... we had members in there already making good relationships with U-84 members and alike, especially as all of a sudden K85 wasn't as big as it felt in the beginning. Tribes like DNS (spit) :D were not that far north of us. clusters were already forming in K85, and made us grow uncertain about our future. One step to strengthen us was the agreed merge of U-84 and KP! Enter: -F-U- a tribe now based in 2 K's with eyes only on the south....

-F-U- map (K85/84)

As you can see, the southern expansion was already underway... 1 particularly grueling war was with M-BURN. I decent sized tribe for its time, big enough to cause us to direct attention too. Needless to say, victory was inevitable, but perhaps took alittle longer than expected, our arrogence as a tribe proved to be a downfall in the upcoming event of the.. FU v SETO war! The declaration took us by surprise as we were greatly unprepared for it. the first few weeks showed us - organization was a much needed improvement. the sparking of the war is still argued so I wont go into it here :p Invite played well and pretty much killed our Duke - 'El Pharaoh' The ending of the war is still hazy for me, not sure how it ended, but an NAP was agreed upon, I think some refugees were kicked out to please the unpleased INVITE... A shortwhile after, I was made Duke to replace the dead El Pharaoh. Only to face the toughest decision, to date... War SETO again for alliance with DNS, or join forces with SETO and SiouxR to war DNS. (some may dispute that, but: "no"). This proved to make alot of unhappy people, the formed U-84 members split from us, and formed BIA. At the time, i thought this would be the end for us. But DNS had there hands full, with the catalog of tribes also at war with them. K85, stood there ground, I ventured in K75 and before you know it, BIA were back with us again, breaking up K74. good times :D


The war went on for ages... During that phase, A:M were merged into us, creating what we knew as F:M! a new strong tribe, dominated alot of the south. K85, was still very INVITE busy, but DNS was cleansed from there, with dual effort, from us and INVITE.

Then something happened... which is still a hot topic... a collection of us are now in DNS. K85 is once again, a hosile territory. much like it was back in the day... I feel asif it has been a 'full circle' and i'm back to my K85 roots, in a sense. (I wont go on about it here, as its not what this post is for).
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servius prime

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k70 summary


K - 70 was until now always a continent with many tribes eyes on it. When i first started there ~TL~ was the dominant tribe there. But it was a small tribe of 2 million points. There were presence of players from tribe like RAW , IIRsII (before it became ritual). We in ~TL~ tried to consolidate the continent under one tribe under the leadership of Heliosjiee and Thunder66 by conquering other smaller tribes. But then Heliosjiee quit and suddenly there was attack from ~TrL~ and ~TL~ was conquered and ~TrL~ became the dominant tribe. Some time later it was attacked by Ritual and followed by attacks by SWAT. Attack on ~TrL~ catalysed the downfall of Ritual but at the same time ~TrL~ also merged into the RAW family. After the disbanding of SWAT it is again a bit peaceful continent now with me holding the numero uno position since the time of ritual war



The following excerpts are from an ancient sage of the Iron Brigade, Gorbak, rediscovered by GamsOnline . The following are excerpts from the "Iron Legends," a forum from within IB about tales of bravery and of our brave founding fathers. It tells a tale of how K77 was settled by the Iron Brigade. Gorbak was known as the "Keeper of the Iron Legend," and wrote tales and stories of our founding and our history.


The Iron Legend consists of the tales passed from father to son and mother to daughter for generations uncounted. Over the years and across the scattered peoples of this ancient tribe these stories have come together; from oral histories to journal entries, in whispered rumors and written laws. Told and retold in everything from whore's gossip to the final words of a mighty hero, written on dust and stone with his own blood - these are the tales of which I speak.

From across the lands and enduring great hardships, the Iron Peoples took up their burdens and left their homes, seeking the promise of unification and solidarity. To the 77th continent they came, each from here or there, overcoming all odds and uncertainties.

Here, now, in that Land that is just Below Heaven, the Iron Peoples grow in strength and numbers. Following ancient words and ancient numbers, they built their temple on the most holy of grounds - the 777th mark across the 777th line, even upon the 77th Continent. Here they began building a mighty structure, a memory of their past and a promise of their future, an Iron Temple the likes of which no other tribe or nation had before seen.

Within its sacred halls, gathered the scribes from each king, every chieftain, and all the warlords of the Iron Brigade. Gathering all manner of text or word or tale spun of valor, might, courage, skill, passion, cunning and bravery from amongst the Tribe they set it in written word - carefully etched on great sheets of Iron, stretching the halls of the towering Temple.

And so the Iron Legend was born ... and continues to be written.

- Gorbak "Keeper of the Iron Legend"

The Iron Legend finds it roots, as all things, in the First Age. It begins with the birth of the Iron Peoples, climbs to the heights of the Great War, and ends bittersweetly with the Great Migration.

Below are the gathered accounts of this First Age, though the tales are sparse and few - the memories are mostly lost and only a few ancient stories remain.

Of uwreaper, Mountain of the North

Gattsuu on 13.01. at 04:13
uwreaper is as ancient as the sea, a true legend, a living einherjar. How can we know of his crusades when he was always the last man standing and he is as silent as a mountain?

Innocent KId on 13.01. at 04:20
why mountain? but not sky? or tree? or....anyting else?

Gattsuu on 13.01. at 04:28
Because the trees rustle and the wind howls, uwreaper does neither.

He merely slays men by the thousands without a sound. But do not think him heartless. After the battle is won he sheds a single tear

Gorbak on 13.01. at 20:05
Indeed, the deeds of uwreaper and many and unfathomable. Twice was he wounded grievously, and twice he stood again to take his place on the front rank. Immortal and perilous, his enemies feared to face him alone - only when they threw themselves at him, in great numbers, could these lesser men find a place to pierce with their spears, or stab with their swords. Though many times they threw themselves upon him, never could they end his breath or stop his heart. Confounded and confused, their fear grew as great as his name. For who would know when this Titan would return, pounding down from Mountain Storms, to reap the harvest of his enemies? Still they wait, huddled and whispering in the dark, fearing each night the new day to come.

Of Lord Jebedius Foebane, Bulwark of the West

Also take note of the deeds of Lord Jebedius, whose impenetrable defenses held back the hordes of SoHe, his shield not only for himself but covering the swords of an entire line of his brethren. Hosts of thousands mustered from a multitude of cities - lines and lines of men who traveled far only to fall, their lives spent to no avail, buy nothing but greater glory for Jebedius.

The Warlord of SoHe, dismayed, gathered his clans and from them choose twenty war-chiefs, each renowned for his own excellence or greatness. Each swore never return to their home, bed their wife, or speak with their children until they returned with the head of Lord Jeb. The battles were many, the fighting swift and violent - great dramas played out on the stages of the courts of kings, cast in spies, smiles and knives - cunning traps were laid and clever strategies employed. In such manner did the greatest of SoHe, each a mighty figure of renown, make war upon Jebedius.

The telling of each warlord, their plans and inevitable defeats, would require long pages of their own - let it be known, however, that even to this day, the Bulwark in the West still stands, and twenty mighty SoHe families weep for the bitter loss of their heroes.

Of Madban, the Mad Baron

Also known to me, for I saw then with my own eyes, was the desperate Charge of the Mad Baron. Hearing the calls of support from his brothers-in-arms from half the world away, the Madban thought nothing of his own cities, his own family, his own lands. He assembled a thousand of his best heavy horsemen, each only half as crazed as he, and with no pause for rest or food they did gallop across lake and mountain and through furious storm. Six days they did ride, and on the morning of the seventh, as the fourth noble was preparing his parade and grand entry into the last stronghold of a defeated Iron Brigade brother, the Mad Charge crested the horizon, a wave of steel and blood breaking from a sea of screams and terror. No SoHe dog survived to tell this tale - to them the events of that morning remain shrouded in fear and mystery.

Of werttrew Sagacious

Some nights, in the cold and damp about the fire, we tell our children of Werttrew Sagacious. Ruling his subjects with justice and mercy, his sleep was troubled not by the prosperity of his own lands, but rather by dark dreams of storms gathering far from him. He gathered his advisors, and all his merchants, commandeering from each the maps he had made from his world travels. Piecing them together, his view of the world complete, his brow furrowed as grave danger was made known to him - for in this map he discerned the end of the Iron Brigade.
Even before the dawn, having neither eaten nor slept for some days in his desperate musings and plannings, he finally divined an answer that might defeat even the cruel plotting of Fate. Gathering his people to him, he told them a tale of woe and despair, of the plight of their long lost family who now faced certain extinction. From their own lands, of their own farms, they could give - if they might make such sacrifice, at great cost to their own wealth, he could bring his brothers and sisters here, to the promise of the Seven and Seventieth Earth ... a land as close to the Heavens as men could achieve. How could his people refuse such a just and beloved ruler in his only time of need? And so the great migration of the Iron peoples began, and each was gathered from here or there, to find peace and solidarity in K77.

Lord Jebedius on 13.01. at 21:13

Ahhh yes.. You weave such excellent tales Ser Gorbak.

I still remember, as if it were yesterday, when I killed my first enemy. I had finally built a noble and taken a 100 pt gray one space north of me. Not long after, 400 axemen from 12 squares north came and farmed my new town. I was determined to destroy the attacker, and swiftly put together the greatest army I could muster: perhaps 800 axemen and some light cavalry.

He had a fellow tribesman a few clicks to his east, so I began scouting the two of them.. trying to get a read on how many men they had. They kept dodging the scouts, but I finally got a report, and sent my men north. When they arrived, I got the clear (barely), but I knew he would have reinforcements on the way. Fortunately, Madban agreed to help, and sent his famous heavy cavalry 2 days across the map to reinforce my siege of the town. At the same time I was working furiously on a new noble, and even when I had it, I knew it would take at least 2 days to go back and forth and get the town.

Madban's heavy cavalry numbered 250, and remember, this was in the days when World 9 was young, when our tribe had 80,000 points, when a 400,000 point tribe was a juggernaut... and when 250 heavy cavalry was a great host.

My enemy's reinforcements finally arrived, only to meet the timely arrival of Madban's charge. 200 of his horsemen fell on the field that day, but the enemy was routed, and flew from K66 back west to their homeland.

I took the town shortly after, named it Jorvic (after the Norse town whose name gradually turned into "York" in England) and it continued to grow and thrive. Later, it became the central front line in the great war vs SoHe. It supplied a neighbor named Vigilfaust with reinforcements and supplies as the SoHe hordes pounded against his walls, slowing their advance against me. Finally, Vigilfaust fell, and the hordes besieged Jorvic. I sent every man I could muster from my empire there, and they fought to the last, all dying, along with my second Paladin, in an enormous charge of cavalry (a maxed out village, all heavy and light cav) from one of the SoHe. However, they were able to kill half of the enemy's men. And when what was left of that great mounted force returned, Madban's cavalry had returned to Jorvic, this time to defend the town, along with Gorbak's 15,000 unbeatable eunuchs afoot and armed with swords and bows.

We slaughtered the SoHe cavalry to the man that day, and that great tribe, 5 times our size, had run dry of strength and courage. We agreed to terms of peace the next day.

These are only a few of the deeds of the Iron Legend, and the promise to all of Iron soul ... that one day among them you may stand, if to stand is what you choose.

-Gorbak, Keeper of the Iron Legend

"They came to the Iron King and required that he kneel. He laughed before them, for they could not know. Iron may break or shatter or even burn, but never could it bend the knee."

Alas, deep in the dusty chambers of a long forgotten tomb, a map of the holdings of the Iron Brigade has been un-earthed by the archivists. You can see by the other nations marked on this map who the major concerns of the day were.


Researchers have guessed at the placement of the continent borders.. as in those old times K's had much less significance than they do now.

Blue: Iron Brigade
Yellow: Armies of Darkness (AD). One of the early big players in World 9, this tribe boasted control of the greater part of K75 by the middle of October, if not sooner. Unfortunately for them, AD grew too quickly through an unrestricted recruiting campaign, and added many family tribes, often by threat of force. Eventually, they had successfully recruited everyone in their area, and the players grew restless and bored. A coup was launched in the beginning of December, AD's leadership was replaced, and the best players of all the family tribes were consolidated into eVe. eVe later became one of the 3 houses to form DNS.
Green: SoHe. SoHe was the major power in the Southeast in October.. being slightly smaller than Eagles and AD but much more consolidated and organized. At the time this map was created, the Iron Brigade had just emerged from its first major war against this house.. and you can see by the map that defeating this tribe was no easy accomplishment. A week or so after the making of this map, SoHe declared war on Sioux (one of the other DNS houses) and was soundly defeated... Yielding K66 to Sioux and Batz.
Purple: The United Colonies (TUC). An ally of SoHe, many players of TUC launched attacks against the Iron Brigade in the SoHe War. However, their involvement was limited.