2 Years in Review --- Continent History


I would love to see it, since I don't even remember what happened... :/

Well round one was in K88... I tried to convince my tribe and allies to attack... they didn't.

Round two was in K98. I now had a few 100k players who could noble a few villas. I even tried to get WW to help. It was cool, but I was starting to go inactive so I merged... with a tribe peaceful to IB. While the war was on, it was good leadership experiance. The 100k players joined IB after I went totally inactive. (I wish I was still on w9)

The tribe name was NSBF. A couple of current IB members have history there.



The following excerpts are from an ancient sage of the Iron Brigade, Gorbak, rediscovered by GamsOnline . The following are excerpts from the "Iron Legends," a forum from within IB about tales of bravery and of our brave founding fathers. It tells a tale of how K77 was settled by the Iron Brigade. Gorbak was known as the "Keeper of the Iron Legend," and wrote tales and stories of our founding and our history.


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Could I get get something more in the format of K70's or K75's? ;o


i'll give you guys the longest history of K49 :p not right now though



this is just a little bit of history on K84 of F:M tribe so we can see how far we've come.

If theres anything that needs to be changed tell me so i can edit it.

The tribe started off as UTSW4, had quite a few members, the leader was missled and was a good and confident player which started to build the foundations of a great tribe. We were small but had many players eager to fight and become very strong. Back then we were a part of UTSW family.


starting out small we started to recruit and players began to grow.


until we owned most of K84.


Which made the k84 allience plotting to take down DNS.

united we stand. divided we fall which consisted of UTSW4, NYTE,AOSL.

during this time missled our current leader had to leave due to Rl reasons and same did dragonatorul. The next leader was me, Godfadr, in the early stages with baracuda69 as the baron and the choice was made to merge with the -U- family. was this the right decision at the time? Only time will tell.


This map already shows how much ground we were making, many great players left us but we stayed strong and grew.


The first map that showed our tribe as an indivudal force we were becoming stronger each day.

But yet did we know that the leaders at the time were talking to the leaders of |K|P| about a possible merge which would put the family ranked 15 over all.


this was quiet new for all of us and there was only 1 requirement to get into this new tribe - 250k points.


Grrr, look how big DNS was in our Ks back then.

Any whoo months later we started to grow own and many more fantasmigorical players left which was hard for some and not so much for other. the newest player to leave was/is suchett.

That left us at war with DNS which was duscussed months and months ago with the k84 allience but it never really happened but now all that time was for this. TW admins told us that -F-U- was inappropriate name so we changed it to F-U-N.


we were 7th tribe in world 9 and doing great:


then we were still 7th, but closer to top 5:


going up and crushing DNS in K74 and K75:


just before the new year (December 2008) things looked like this in the rankings:


and like this on the map:


as you all know, F-U-N merged with A:M making F:M, the fifth tribe in world 9:


so, now we have ex A:M, ex TOTBL and ex Saga members in here. we are pushing DNS up north and giving them hell:


At the end of February 2009, DNS was losing more than ever. We were still 5th, but getting bigger and bigger.

You can see our progress on this map:


In March, we became the first tribe to have 100% dominance of a continent:


In the middle of April 2009, things got complicated in w9, and it seemed that it's gonna be 4 families deciding its fate: DNS, RAW, D-N and SETO. DNS was holding on and fighting bravely, showing their power and gaining our real respect.



In the beginning of June 2009, F:M was 4th, but larger than ever:


SETO got even bigger and world 9 looked like a battle of 4 giants:


In the beginning of July 2009, SWAT fell apart. Some moved to RAW, some to DNS, and we managed to snatch a few. SETO is again: F:M, INVITE and [IB]. Rankings:



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You also lost some territory that u `smashed` previously didn`t u ? :D

But good job. U still keep those screenshots ? :O


continued here:

Then in middle of July 2009, F:M fell apart, some players including me realizing DNS is the future of w9 and others forming FC, still staying friends with those that chose to join DNS. World 9 looked like this:


At this time, we in DNS members became real friends. We spent those days chatting for hours on skype and spamming endlessly the ingame forum. Map from then:


We reached 100 000 villages on 20th December 2009:


Our enemies back then (January 2010), SETO, =D-N= and RAW tried to take us down together, but DNS stood strong. Map pretty much unchanged:


=D-N= and RAW decided to join together and form »T.W« in May 2010:


August 2010, FC in a war with PMS and we in DNS still fighting everyone else:


DNS, stronger than ever, grew fast to one billion points (second tribe ever in tribal wars to reach that number). This was on 6th November 2010:


January 2011, PMS was gone, SETO and DNS made peace with each other, SETO then declared on FC and the map looked like this:


February 2011, »T.W« fell apart forming =D-N=, :), =2012=, -C-, -PvE- leaving »T.W« tribe full of inactives. Rankings:


This proved once again why being united is important and why DNS was at the top. During this time, DNS finally reached the individual rankings top with gandalfalix getting the well deserved #1 spot:

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