2 Years in Review --- Continent History


Guys I need maps :( I cant find any, i had screenshots of my k-45 cluster but all has been deleted :( its been a long time since im gone from this world and i cant find any of my saves :(

i'll be grateful if you PM me links of any K-45 map. will make the most discussed continent's history better, i'll write a long history for ya :icon_wink:


K5 is mine, as i am one of the oldest remaining k5 players.

my memory of w9 begins in a tribe called lions. We where #2 in k5 after the continental generals(k15-X F.) had made the 4th branch k5-X.

the generals attacked my tribe and then duke of K5-X(Sir alias:icon_evil:) somehow got sitting rights of one of our dukes and disbanded our tribe. and as i saw my old tribe was getting destroyed and all my PAs had moved to k5-x, so did i.

we soon dominated the K, when the main tribe declared on PwN.

a lot of members deflected to PwN family(rotems, badboymixer, etc) and K15-C left the family and tryed 2 join PwN as PwN-C(if im not mistakeing), so we attacked them aswell and after being rejected, they changed their name 2 CYBORG and soon merged back 2 the family.

we established k5-A academy of k5.

then one of our dukes got a spot in bird and after he returned from his spying mition, he disbanded our tribe.
We where back and running in 3 days...

so we clared out pwn from k5(exept for four members: rotems, mabboymixer,wiphin and bjlk14(or something like that)). then spectre joined the war.

keelezeible had joined spctr shortly befor that. and as out duke Sir Alias desided 2 quit, k5-x was left without a leader. most of the people left for newly created spectre academy. i asked k15-x 2 send someone ower and they sent the leader of k15-a who got k5-x up and running in no time. we had elections and the concil was formed :

dukes:destrover123 and guitarshredder67
barons: xlxhx and sukiko (and unofitialy commander cody)

and 2 war ministers a diplomat, 1 minister of internal afares.

at some point nosebleed1, momo-ze, bender where added 2 the council.

at some point rotems and badboymixer went back on the neutral statsus and got rimmed. then da(pwn had reformed) recruited a few members in k5.

Our family naped with bird family.

spctr took out wiphin and we took out the other k and our K was clear of the enemy for once.

K5-X mooved on k6 with the help of F.T. and we where dominating till DA recruited the dominant tribe in k16.

at some point k15-x lost the #1 status in k15 to spectre and the family reformed to UN-G and UN-Ga. i led the academy.

from now on the history of k5 and k15 is the same.

some people from the family wherent happy with the things and joined bird hoping they would be safe, but bird joined DA, and we rimmed the traitours.

time passed and UN-G lost there presents in k6, but we didn't loose anywhere else.

then SOFt(more like there recruits from DA) attacked k5.

AoD asked UN-G if he could join us. the council voted and we accepted. Aod saw the rate of inactives(wich at that time was nearly half the tribe...like 40 people.) and left sor spctr. A week or so later spectre put us to an ultimatum: Join them or they will declare on us. they gave us one day. we voted and the council desided 2 let everyone who wanted 2 join. most of the council desided 2 join =D.N= instead.

then spectre naped da by joining dns.

the ones that joined dn soon reclaimed #1 spot in k5 and mooved on soft in k5/k6 border and joined many campagns.

then da joined RAW and that changed everything. dn almost cleared out k5 and k15 of raw and are now moving to k16 and k6.

the ones who joined spectre are now just loving off of inactives and as far as i know are dead.

dominant players of k5:
wiphin(from: to:)(pwn, later DA) later destrover123(from: to:).

dominant tribes in k5:
lions(from: to:)
k5-X(from: to:)
spctr(from: to:)
=D-N=(from: to:)

Involvment in war:
Lions-K5-X war
spectre vs pwn war
k5-x vs pwn war
k5-x vs raw war
dn vs raw war

(ill add the dates some other time. and ill add stuf :p)


Just saw this while looking through TW forum I guess I can post history of K75 from my perspective.

Claim K75


I'd try but I don't know how much I remember. Especially since I actually started in K48 and nobled into K38 :lol:


I really wish I could do K74, but I have no screen shots or maps. Not to mention my memory is not what it once was.

Little bit I remember.

SAGA formed by CorsairF4U and decided to control the continent. Chumgeyser was the largest most aggressive member of SAGA and wanted to get in more fights so he formed MOAT and recruited those who wanted to go looking for trouble more often. MOAT joined Order in their war on DNS. At the time we were told that the big tribe to the east (Eagles?) would be attacking DNS from that side and that we would have support from A:M (which I don't think we ever received). We watched DNS tearing through Order and knew that even though we may have been slightly ahead in conquers we would eventually get swarmed if DNS turned their attention to us. During the war Chumgeyser quit and Elwain took over as leader. Elwain worked with DNS and we agreed that several MOAT (Aquariano, Sebendebi, Elwain, Plunderous, Ackbar, Tiaco, JTGjr001, and more I have forgotten) members would move to DNS and remaining would go to A:M (AWK1 still around).

After DNS took us in they cleared out the remaining SAGA members who relocated to K83 (I think). At least one (TribesMN) is now firmely back in K74.
The MOAT members slowly left one by one. At this point I think that only Aquariano and Sebendebi remain.

I think TribesMN was on council of SAGA during the MOAT split so he may have more insigth into why the split happened. That's all I can remember up until the whole world erupted in war, but if others chime in with additional thoughts I will try and add them onto this post.


I'm the K38 guy. Bo is K37.

Well I'll be looking forward to seeing what you've got :lol:

You mean you were nobled out of K48 :lol:

No way nub. I've still got villages in K48 :icon_razz:

I might have lost my original villages but I'm back in K48 to retake them now that Plague has disbanded :icon_cool:


mr wigglemunch should do k15...he knows abought k15, cyborg, pwn AND spectre in k15 :p


mr wigglemunch should do k15...he knows abought k15, cyborg, pwn AND spectre in k15 :p

wouldnt it make more sense if jingsky do it he practically dominates the k just like coatysuk in k33 and Ace in k67


i may do k16 if i get time and if nobody else in the continent feels like writing about it, since i may include a little bias...


wouldnt it make more sense if jingsky do it he practically dominates the k just like coatysuk in k33 and Ace in k67

no, i don't think so...he has never been much of a talker and only made the council of the united UN-G, as mr wiggle had been in most the tribes and knows the wars of k15 and the tribes of k15...:icon_biggrin:


ron would ofcourse be a good person 2 write about k15 aswell :p

or bells...or does anyone know edge10s email/msn/skype?


i may do k16 if i get time and if nobody else in the continent feels like writing about it, since i may include a little bias...

you where in k 16 :icon_surprised:

oh and i think jaanustam should do k18 :p


I want to do K60 but I wasn't much in world politics pre ~Trl~
Edit: Just noticed. This is post #60 :lol:
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