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well im afraid to inform you that im done with tw after this account lol. im moving north because thats where im needed, furthermore 1v1 i would whip most of the people here( not saying all just most) 50 cal your just scared so be quiet. im here for my own entertainment so idc what you all say about or to me;) i know who my friends are and they have stuck with me. o moved account because i was forced to. the only real move i did was give smurks up to be in RAM. sucks when your a co-player and the account owner changes his pass and never comes back. so i got screwed out of mavfan. i came back and asked karma via forums pm what happened. he filled me in and allowed me into a new account because the old owner quit justa few days before. when i was on reg wind smurks was quiting so i said to my friend chris why would you delet? and he said he just doesnt have time or money to play anymore so i said hey heres the deal how about me and you switch account and he said yeah i trust you and honestly think your better then me or atleast my =. so me and him switched so we lost a i think i was 90 villages or 100 idr. so i took over the 240 something account and built it up to about 300 or a little bigger. by then though i was just so bored in the north and BH didnt accept me and asked me to help decide so i said sure why not. so i started out helping them on seedsy killing RAM nobles and nukes. then idr what happened i just ended up sitting the littledragon account and believe me his churchs where ugly as hell. he had churchs within churchs and other crap. during this time i was sitting my bud azzazzel-ra growing him with no pp and pp i supplied)thinking i was getting his account and joinning decide(that was a maybe). i started talking to the people around me and i started to like them. i had azza join drift. me and karma became friends, i told him how i felt cabster and celts where holding me back so we decided i would be better off in RAM. so i gave smurks up to my buddy and about 2 days later i went into mavfan.

Are you saying that now with an account that you had nothing to do with getting to this size or could you have done it off your original account???? It is very easy for someone to take over a big account and come on PnP spewing their arrogance all over the place, like you are doing. Yet when it comes down to it, if you had all this skill you speak of then you could have taken your original account to better heights. I also doubt you could handle most of these player 1v1 as you would have other players sending troops to help you defend. There is more respect given to those who just play the game versus the likes of you who take over someone else hard work and then rant around like you are now a Travian god. :icon_cool:


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At least smurks/reg wind/mavfan/whoknows-what-else, got the pnp spinning again ...


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bye bye ill show you ig
It was about time. You needed a pnp rest. As for the ig performance, we got eyes on you. And your churchless villages :lol:

I miss the old times when you got off topic infractions even when you sneezed...

Congrats Cham for beating all those troops once more and the stunning ODA rise !

(thread back on track eh?):lol:


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My week goes fine, But while i`m rebuilding i decided to work on my ODD.


Thanks to Rammies for the Great Battle ... at last i found the K where i can get much FUN :icon_biggrin: