_WAB_ Declares

Mines Long12

After months of being second best in everything to ~KODA~ in respects of rank, continent domination and OD scores _WAB_ have decided enough is enough and we declare war on ~KODA~.

War was declared just a few days ago and attacks have begun rolling out, but frankly we were quite amazed at the low troops counts of many of their players :icon_eek:


We were even more shocked at some of their attacks


Side 1:
Tribes: _WAB_

Side 2:
Tribes: ~KODA~
Players: SJupina

Timeframe: 13/04/2009 00:00:00 to 17/04/2009 15:00:00

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4
Side 2: 1
Difference: 3

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 14,821
Side 2: 3,009
Difference: 11,812

Tis is just the start and the best is to come.
So ~KODA~ bring it on :icon_evil: :icon_evil:

Please don't flame too much it is my first time :icon_biggrin:

Thanks to tic toc for the pointers


Good luck _WAB_.

Judging by the defense in that offense, it doesn't look like you need it though.

But they managed to noble one of your villages, so at least they have done something right.


Come on you back stabbers.... pretending to be allies and turning out to be enemies.... Every ounce of your blood is filthy... You and willo180 know very well what I am talking about...

Mines Long12

No we used all the tactics we could to help ourselves succeed. You should have seen this coming from the start if you couldnt well then that is your own fault.


Well it seems to me that the tribe with "principals" lost 4 villages in 3 days to a tribe "devoid" of any? And you talk of Principals after you got your whole tribe to attack one player (me), of which ALL of the attacks failed and then i carried on to take another one of your villages...

Your tribe is a waste of space, and yes you took one village. Well done.


Keep profanity and ban discussion out of the forums.

Infractions will be handed out.


:O war in K66 .? lol cool . *sits back and watches the show and hopes it's good*


that's true however believe me there is alot of secret stuff going on everywhere ...*watches everything in case it attacks him..*


As I read it once more, I found this...
[QUOTE willo180]We were even more shocked at some of their attacks

Well, why don't say willo... he was initially your member and he came to ~KODA~ only a day before


I believe this was one more of your tactic...First you made him attack one of our member and then also ordered him to attack padmasambhava

ribero68 on 13.04. at 22:03
I was instructed to attack

n4cb on 13.04. at 22:03
by whom? and when?

ribero68 on 13.04. at 22:06
I can see that maybe I am being thrown to the wolves as I have no support. I could forward the attack message.

n4cb on 13.04. at 22:07
ok...if you forward it, maybe we can reconsider
You promised him rewards.

willo180 on 13.04. at 16:06
Hello, the time has come. Build another nobleman, and take [player]MattyW007[/player]'s village, do not tell anyone that you are taking the village. Just do it, and your rewards will be worth the losses of troops.

This is an order, take the village as soon as possible.

Thanks, [player]Willo180[/player].

ribero68 on 13.04. at 20:14
ok, nobleman already built

ribero68 on 13.04. at 22:07
here it is

This message has been forwarded by ribero68.

n4cb on 13.04. at 22:08