A Broken Promise


I'll keep this short.

One of DSy4's core principles upon formation was that it would never merge. It would seem this has been broken. In light of such events, I have set the Crypic Codex account to delete. I'll note that the account was a duke in DSy4 and I could have disbanded the tribe.

If people want to play under the lies of the trio, go for it. I will not however have my account subjected to such madness any longer. The way this merge is going about is just plain despicable but I won't share those details here publicly with everyone out of respect for Runesten, the player who was on Codex with Spencer and I from nearly start to now.

As I type this, my heart is pumping, and my stomach is in a knot. Rune, I am sorry but I can't sit back and watch this madness any longer.

To the onlookers, if the above wasn't clear there is more at hand that caused me to make this choice than just the merge.

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Rep, you are so pretentious it makes me feel sick, don't attempt to make this look like anything other than what it is a backhanded swipe at the three people who took a tribe on the brink of destruction, thanks to you and your leadership, and turned it around to start making positive steps.

What pisses me off the most though is how in this attempt to get back at DSY4s current leadership, you have taken it upon yourself to decide that runes efforts throughout this world were for nothing, he is supposedly your friend but you thought nothimg of that in an attempt to try to slander dsy4. From where im standing this looks like typical rep behaviour, can't get his own way so spit his dummy out and try to kick up a fuss. Maybe its time for you to take a look at yourself and grow up mate you honestly need it.


Say what you will, I'm cutting all ties and want to ensure my name is no longer associated with the lies of the trio.

The Question

I've valued and respected you as both a leader and a friend.

I feel I need to say this, however, Rep:
I disagree with this opinion. DSY4 reached a low point, Smoke and it's associates were pounding away at the walls, and then Infect became an enemy also. LGN showed loyalty and solidarity towards DSY4 through their trials, a trait which isn't oft found in this game when things seem their toughest.

They may be a group of players, and so by definition a merge, this however does not make them any less viable and worthy recruits.
I do not feel this breaks the promise of no merges made at the beginning, but more reinforces the promise to hold true to the trusts and commitments forged by DSY4 throughout the world. To spurn LGN for the sake of avoiding the definitive "merge" move would have been a greater offense to everything I found attractive about DSY4 when I joined, and for the full extent of my time with the tribe.

I hope you don't take this personally, as I do still believe you to be a great player, I do not think it fair of you to place such harsh judgment, show such disdain for a tribe of loyal players that showed unwavering support, and worst of all, removing Runesten from an account he, too has been playing and been a part of, and removing him from a tribe he has put so much of his time and energy to stay true to.


Question the merge isn't the core reason why I made this call. It did make me think about it and after some digging and seeing other things I decided to do so. I thought I pointed out in the main post that the merge wasn't the core reason.

The -LGN- guys have nothing but my respect. They stood by DSy4 when DSy4 needed them to or they wouldn't have survived and they very easily could have hit DSy4 instead.


I actually feel sorry for you, Repinski and a few other DSy4 members.

Easily the most like-able and easiest guys to talk to. You certainly were the rose amongst the thorns in Decipher. I also applaud you for lasting this long coping with Googly's obnoxious behavior.

Bet he loves all this attention.


Well Rep, victory will be that much sweeter when we achieve it despite every effort you have made to sabotage the hard work of your friends alog the way. Hurry up and delete so we can move on with a loyal group of worthwhile human beings and resume chugging forward. You wont be missed.


I warned Googly back in w62 this was the kind of player you really were. Guess now you've just been able to go ahead and prove my predictions valid. Always complaining, always stirring the pot, and always making more trouble for your friends than your enemies. While everyone will be better off without you, its a shame that you had to take Rune with you. He deserves better than that.

Good luck Dsy4r. I'd never put money on anyone else to bounce back from this and seize the day. :)


I like how people come out of the past to flame me when they know nothing about the very rocky road that led up to this. Neither side has clean hands in this one Jace.


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From an outsiders opinion, I respect both -LGN- and DSY4. Im surprised a merge didnt come earlier. It would be dumb not to merge. Only one tribe wins the world. Would DSY4 rather fight them later? or Merge them in as they have shown probably the best alliance W70 has seen?


I'm the one who originally set up the DSy4 and -LGN- relationship. I'm not mad about the merge, I'm mad about the details.


Hey Rep, you know me, and this is directed at you. I disagree with this quite a bit. Hit me up to argue, but still, team first man.

winnie churchill

Rep let it be. Rune is a good person and so are the leadership.

Let them play their world and you play yours. :icon_idea:


There is a reason why I refrained from commenting when the account was recovered Winnie. :p

At the end of the day I made my point.


Been a while since i read the tw forums... And this is what i see... So sad :(

i still love you guys though, including you rep