A change to Scavenging


I believe it makes TW less strategical and more build and noble barbs. Can't exactly clear and noble people when every troop you have is defensive. So they don't learn the true mechanics of the game.


We can't have a button that sends a loot assistant template to all barbs but you want to entertain the idea of a template that sends all troops to scavenge. Not only that, you want to have a recall button so you can also defend your village while scavenging. Not only that, you want to increase the haul/reduce the time. All while you don't take losses from walls or have to put the effort in....

This game has already gone way down hill but stuff like this really is pandering to the lazy who don't want to learn or spend as much time as others to actually compete.

This also further enables PP farmers to push more resources into the market early in the world which is good for the big PP spenders to abuse.

Game is so broken.


Great feature, doubt I will be using it when I have 25+ villages though.

I would like to see something on the village overview screen showing when my scavenges return, a scavenging overview would be grea too.


Scavenging as an option is a good thing. Make it easier for people to work!


Scavenging as an option is a good thing. Make it easier for people to work!
I work 50+ hours a week but can just as easily send 300 commands out to farm with LC and make a better return then what I receive from scavenging. I suppose though everyone has different play styles and I respect that.


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I think its a grand means to try and make the start easier. Easier for the ad hoc player and sole profile owner to stay in pace for a while. But it does loose its influence quite fast as the script farmers start getting bigger barb villages to run at. Still i dont dislike it at all... In fact I love it.


I don't think, as was suggested, there is a need for the feature to be disabled during game play. Though I do think that the haul sizes should be increased and/or the scavenging time decreased. The feature doesn't interfere with the strategical or true mechanics of the game.
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A couple of possible improvements in my opinion would be making it so that offence troops are more efficient scavengers, that would reduce turtles.
A cancel feature could work as long as cancelling means you get no loot whatsoever.
How about a cap on farm space. For example if you could only have 100k farm space scavenging at any one time you'd have to be more selective which villages you use.

Other than that it's a great feature early game but once you have 20+ villages it can take half an hour to work out how many troops to send in each village.


I love it. You can get more wood, clay and iron this wa
Scavaging is a great move for early game, especially for the lazy farmers,but as stated above it tends to negate the need for barbs and encouraging the nobling of barbs to the extent that they virtually dont exist in large areas after the mid stage of worlds
Perhaps a 10/15 village limit after which scavaging is ended could remedy this,as has been stated when you get 20 villages plus its really not needed
I fully agree. It is great at the start because you are guaranteed to get the resources.

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I completely agree with that. I believe it made the game to easy for some players.
For those who don't use massive amounts of pp to get ahead of others at world starts you mean?

It also made the game easy for new players joining tw
A lot of pp consuming players are raiding the barbs leaving no resources for others
If you build your mines too much,you're becoming a easy target
So scavenging becomes a good tool for most of the players starting onon a world
Also for turtle like players who prefer to build a lot of troops before taking another village


After reviewing the plethora of comments, I recommend lowering the effectiveness of scavenging as the number of cities increase until a player gets to the point that scavenging is not worthwhile.
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Both myself and friends think the scavenging feature is great.

It's easy for less active and inexperienced players to use, and levels the playing field against co-played accounts with 2-4 players.

I know some players who hate farming do enjoy scavenging, and are now logging on more often because of it.

Creating a template to enhance the 'all troops' option so players could fill up all locks simultaneously with troops would be good (i.e. fewer clicks). Alternatively, something like the 'mass recruitment' feature would be good.

If players don't want to use the scavenging feature they don't have do, as simple as that.

Please keep this excellent game feature.


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I personally scavenge a lot on w104, where my account is close to 200 villages. It is an annoying timesink, and I enjoy farming much much more than scavenging.

Sadly scavenging is too effective to not do, and it is more worthwhile to give up the barbs and noble them for the extra income than it is to combine scavenging and farming.

Well, guess I am oldschool. I just feel Scavenging makes barb nobling too efficient, and removed the drawbacks that once was there :(


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With 260 villages on w103 we still scavenge regularly, though it is absolutely annoying. As mentioned above I would love to see an overview screen implemented with a feature similar to mass recruit where you could insert to all the desired number of troops you want to send out in each group. Maybe there could be an account manager function too with templates for each of the 4 scavenge options that keeps them going just like recruiting.


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Scavenging is just another timesink that allows people with more time than others to get more resources.Whether thats by intent or accident due to no cap i have no idea. But i do like it and think it could be a good addition to the game with some tweaks.

My suggestions:

1) Make it more friendly for larger villages - i.e. an LA equiv or at least templates

or (better)

2) Cap it to X villages - Maximum 5-10 or something.

For the health of the game (and people playing it) its probably better with restrictions so it doesnt get abused by the ones playing 16 hours a day. Its really op when you know what you're doing and have a good rhythm. Can easily increase your total haul by 30-40% per day with the proper setup.
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It's a great tool for early game farming. But atm time taken is proportional to projected loot amount irrespective of type of troops or speed. I guess a new algorithm should be made where time taken is dependent on speed of troops as well.
It's still a new thing and I am sure developers will do various enhancements in coming days


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One more suggestion, if its going to stay for large number of villages have an option to upgrade scavenging levels via AM. In the same way that you can set research for vils to do certain things. Going through 100+ villages manually to do scavenging levels every few hours is a huge chore


I love the feature
best new feature ever
I praise the guy who invented it for a dozen reasons how it affects the game. Id love to tell him in person
there are a few minor problems though

Im a veteran mentor (and a veteran top ranking member), Ive done hundreds of account checks on several servers and Ive noticed a lot of ppl dont use scavenging.
I didnt use it myself until the 2nd or 3rd world I played that featured it even though I have a habit of researching new features (Im responsible for the introduction of odS)

Lvl 1 is just not worth the effort which really discourages players to develop lvls 2 and 3. It doesnt fit the 2/3/6 curve anyway so it should be altered slightly in favor of lvl 1

But more importantly there should be more scavenging quests to encourage ppl to use it at all. Right now its hidden away in rally point. If you dont know it exists its really easy to overlook it.
Most playes just build a stable old school while there are no farms available and ignore scavenging while its the single best way of getting ahead in early game (unless you include selling res at night with a sit account and buying them with a tool)
Besides quests, a downlink for non PA players would help.
I always encourage my tribe members to make a downlink to their scavenging page but they dont. Thanks for the free recruitment downlink, we need one for scavenging too :)

I dont see why the focus of the 1st post is on large accounts... the vast majority of players who pay real money to play don't manage to get to that stage. Evaluation priority should be a nice experience for most paying players.
Also, what's the problem if large accounts dont scavenge while smaller accounts still do? those large accounts hold a huge advantage anyway. If they dont want to scavenge that's their choice. A tool for multiple villages would be nice though.
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