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I should start out by saying I like scavenging as feature in that it does what it was designed to do very well. It adds more resources into start-up when barbs are small and over-farmed by everyone. This speeds up the tedious start up and gets me to getting the beloved account manager faster, great. It also encourages new players and inexperienced players to build d troops and thus allows them to stay around longer then they typically would otherwise, hopefully expanding the player-base. That's all good. The only real problem with scavenging is that we see it provides a further incentive for people to barble more, especially if you happen to have a large amount of pp saved up (thus unlikely a new player). This is why I do not agree with a lot of people's suggestion for a mass overview or templates for scavenging. That seems way to close to automated scavenging. Log in once and a while spend three mins or so inserting pre-made templates (likely pulled from a forum post that calculates the best ones) into a mass overview and your done. Where is the skill in that? Farming is hard, it rewards those willing and/or able to put in the time. So should scavenging, to a degree. Scavenging already lets you be lazy with longer times as more troops are inserted then would be for sending farm runs. I agree that scavenging could use some tweaks if you want to, more quests are great, know this will likely benefit good/experienced players more as they will get more free res early game, or the ratios could be tweaked as needed. I would say that if people find scavenging to much of a time drain for large accounts it would be better to put a village cap on scavenging. Once players get 10+ villages scavenging looks its primary purposes anyways as players are out of start-up at this point and newer players are not getting much benefit from large accounts being able to scavenge while they are learning the game. Just my two cents.


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Thank you for the feedback everyone! We have summarized it and forwarded it to the developers! <3


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I would like a scavenger haul script to see what is being scavenged in a day... so you can compare it to a regular farming haul...