A few Questions with the Top 5 tribes (07/31/17)

Frozen Beauty

Top 5 tribe.

Who's hungry for some of 95 news!

The externals for world 95 needs a bit of life in terms of in-game analysis/insight. Yes, I know it's still early days but I took the liberty yesterday to throw a few questions at the top tier tribe leaders, to give us some input on their tribe.

Also I included the ranked 6 tribe since the points were so close with ranked 5.

The questions.
1. As leader of your tribe would you please give me a little introduction about yourself in terms of tw history and also a bit about your tribe? e,g is it pre-made, dictatorship or democracy.

2. What is your tribe's current stances on family tribes and diplomacy polices with other tribes?

3.Will you be having any diplomacy or not at all? Will you ever take merges or merge to win wars?

4. Any players in your tribe that the world should be looking out for in the near future?

5. In top ranked 5 tribes, what tribe do you think won't be around in the next month and why?

6. Anything you want to clarify for the externals or anything you like to say for your tribe?


Ranked 1 tribe
Name: Army Of Sweden
Duke: Sebbepwd
1, I am a 18-year-old playing hockey in Varberg. Played on the Swedish server since world 1. This is my first world I play seriously on .net
Most of the tribe is from Sweden and we are all hungry at fighting rank 1 this world. Everyone in the tribe has the right to say what they think and may be with and decide

2, Do not want to go out with them but we have contacts.

3, We have strains we are in contact with. As we fight with.

4, Could not say that any player stands out, only in points. Everyone in the tribe has good experiences. So the whole tribe will stand out in the future.

5, Jäger, they do not know what they are doing. They have no cohesion, it does not last forever.

6, Are you kind to us, we are kind to you. Rumors spread rapidly.

Ranked 2 tribe
Name: Jägerbomb
Duke: InfectedSoul (unable to answer the questions)
Julius Caesar. (Fill in Leader/answering the questions)
1.im joel 25 from liverpool played a few big accounts won a few worlds along the way i prefer uk servers it was pre made and we picked up the better players in the k along the way

2.familly tribes suck and too early for diplomacy

3 to early to say but everyone needs a end game ally and no point merging as we got the best players :p

4 if you lazy lot on the externals done some research you would already know

5 TomorrowLand- only because your leader sucks

6 dont give up on jager just yet :p and we shall see you end game also aliens i love the name :p

Ranked 3 tribe
Name: Tomorrowland
Duke: KentMoreLikeKunt

1. Personally, I have been playing Tribal Wars on and off since world 48, with my most successful stint being on world 70 under the name T-H-C.

The tribe is pre-made and consists of a firm dictatorship between myself and RumFastRumFar, my close second in command. We operate a zero-tolerance policy to those who have a problem with how things are ran, what we say goes, no second chances. All seriousness aside, we like to have a good laugh and our Skype chat is one of a kind. At the end of the day though, we’re here for two things - to win and to destroy the Tories once and for all.

2. Family tribes have been, and always will be a sin in my eyes. All they do is promote mediocrity and create unnecessary hassle, something that we do not tolerate over here. As long as I am duke of this tribe there will be no ‘family’, there’s one tribe and you’re either good enough to be in it or not.

I would be open to diplomatic relations with other tribes later on in the world. Frankly however, at least at this current moment in time, I have not been impressed by any tribe, not in the slightest. Sure there are some good players around in 95 for sure, however they are in average tribes with average leaders, and will most likely move around a fair bit. For now, we’ll be doing things our way and winning each battle as it comes.

3. As I stated previously, I am open to diplomacy as it is very hard to win a world solely by yourself, but no one is good enough for at the moment. We’re a 10 and they’re a 4 at most. Merge’s will not be necessary for us to win our wars, we have the self-proclaimed ‘War God’ Elliot ‘HAIM’ Kunt (yes that’s really his surname). Anyone who comes our way will have to face his wrath and vast amounts of PP.

4. Definitely Stunz & RumFastRumFar, both being old players and both being very aggressive when it comes to nobling, behind that aggression is a lot of skill.

5. SWE, Jäger & ALIENS - Simply put these look like tribes that have just recruited what they can, but looking at stats they just aren't that good, very few good farmers or players in general. They may not disband but come nobles I see them being eaten alive.

6. Without a doubt we will be top

Ranked 4 tribe
Name:Alien Invaders
Duke: paofort13

1.Been playing since 2009 on international and greek servers. It's not a premade it is a tribe made when 95 opened. It is a nice challenge for me to be able to lead players i don't know to victory. We are a democratic tribe everyone is useful but dictatorship works sometimes

2. We are strictly against academies and family tribes i personally believe they are a ticking time bomb .

3. Time will tell but we won't merge with nobody

4. Secret

5. I respect everyone in the top 5 but time will tell

6. For the externals it would be like the movie independence day only without will smith being a hero as the aliens will take over 95. For my tribe it's an honor leading them and it has been a pleasure playing tw with them.

Ranked 5
Pink -Pink Unicorns
Duke: .Smiler
1. I have been playing on and off for a long time now, going back to w10/11 (.net). I lead the tribe Pink in w86 and now well you guessed it i'm now leading Pink here in w95. The tribe was originally a Pre-made and is a dictatorship with a small council.

2. Family tribes to me have always been a no go. In my experience their doomed for failure..

3. As for diplomacy it is still too early to talk terms with tribes at the moment especially considering there really isn't anyone else that has stood out to PINK just yet that being said diplomacy is not completely out the window so we will see how the world progresses.

4. We have a lot of great players here i couldn't just name one, but i assure you not one will disappoint.

5. PINK Will come out on top it is just a matter of time.

Ranked 6
Name: RAWR!
Duke: LeoricX
I had no intentions to lead a tribe here. the tribe most of ua here belonged to kinda failed big time. There were no other good tribes to belong to either. Hence the reason why this formed. Highly probable for the picture to change in a few weeks or so.

The few things I can tell you:
I have been playing since w15. My RL friend helping me here has been playing since a comparable time as well. We have quite a few good players too. Watch out for messenger especially.
as for diplomacy. we have good personal relations with players in some of the good tribes here. that combined with our current strong position in the k kinda cements our position here for a good while. we will be looking at merging the two tribes we have soon. pretty much it.
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Who is that nub duking tomorrowland? Kent and Rum look like a joke:/

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Nice effort. Would have been better if you could have gotten some additional insight.


would be interesting to maybe see perspective from players in the tribe. Like what they think about their tribe and their leaders.


Umm just as my contribution. i think Pink and Fools are the only solid tribes out of the top 5.

Who do you guys think are tribes to look out for, not already mentioned in the original analysis obviously.


The average skill level is just mediocre at best for all of the tribes mentioned in this thread.