A great player


I'm remembered with joy past years .. being inside Dreamchruser acc at that moment of time. During Christmas more exactly.. december - january.. the south nightmare jzhen071 having his attempt to break the k95/96 frontlines.
He just catch me into my active daytime. We fight over and over till the day finish and breaktime starts. He coudn't keep his village that I target even if both me and him target and get it with nobles for alot of times.

There were crazy time friends. VVV had a powerfull stand there in South! There was still good players. I could keep the attacks of jzhen but those of bigmatred I couldn't avoid them..
Break time finish. Jzhen071 call for attacks support and soon I got around 3k real nukes on my head. But attacks past and there was few gains for VVV, South keep it strong his frontline.

Time past and it get me away from my Dreamchruser acc.. VVV push it on.. k96/95.. and I see them from an outsider point of view how they invade my old property... i couldn't dream at that time, about a strong TSE in that aria.. but more time past and I starting to see changes.

I start to see death accounts vanish with the time. People with brain from VVV that see that the RL is more important that a game that tend to have only one active side into the battle..

I start to see other accounts of VVV taking step by step responsibility in high chain of VVV.
To one of them, more exactly I do have respect.. till finally he reveal his true face!
He was not longer the person from my past.. a mighty warrior! He was just a shadow of it.
Maybe the rank corrupt him, maybe the real life, maybe his mentality change..

With his last effort he try everything. But..his pals troops high in number could not fix the issue he was facing it.
So , with the last result he do what he knows better: to smartly use his secret knowledge give it by his rank position correlated with some computer tricks in order to spread one more time FEAR!

Operation failed. And so fail the warrior.
RIP to the old soldier who use to be that person, but cry less for what that soldier became into last years when he got the tribe power.
Maybe VVV power is really corrupting people! Or maybe that old soldier use same tricks also in past.. I'm guess we never know. One thing is clear: VVV.. it's just a matter of time.. RL do have priority.


I thank VVV for posting their only major Operation on myself. My account was hacked after a while and I couldn't gain access to it again, only watch it fall. I started co-playing with my now long time girlfriend Ace Rulez & held VVV back in K0 for while. You inherited some good players from LFKD & SCI & had a couple already in VVV. But I was in VVV for a year & saw how disorganized & chaotic it was.

Thus I am back on W5 albeit under a different name with my Father (Jaymax) & K11/K10 will be ours again. It was good practice with the total attacks VVV sent on me over 3 months exceeding 200k (including fakes into that). I will never let Jaantrag forget his epic fail of over nobling himself 50-100 times on my small amount of villages in K16 (maybe 20 or so there). VVV hated me, they attacked me, I did not go down without a fight. 1.5M ODA on the first day of the TSE/Haita vs. VVV/SCI war.

As for the recent events of Maka01 going Barb & all that, multi accounting, it doesn't surprise me; Aldunhill/Aldnhl did it as well. I congratulate TSE on their efforts in fighting VVV. Everyone that has died now does so in honour.