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In every world's forums we see discussion of other worlds. While we all wish to document our worlds as well as possible, the forums are chaotic in nature, order seems elusive. If I see discussion of some W86 tribe in W100 forums (for example), its virtually impossible for somebody who did not play the world to determine anything. If somebody from W100 mentions NN from W94 (for example), its actually easy to gain a sense of the tribe in question...

Their story begins in this thread...


When the world got to the point where 10 tribes were not worth reviewing, their story continued here...


Their epic highs are documented here...


Their epic lows are documented here...


NN is the example here, but the same is true for every tribe that mattered in W94. You do not need to read the entire thread, just my initial posts :oops:
Ofc, there were replies half-heartedly debating my chronicling of the history of W94, but if there were serious contentions to be found, this thread would include complaints, not universal confirmation...


W94 should be applauded for their ability to establish consensus, its precisely why W94 is the best documented world. I appreciate being the subject of that consensus, the respected reporter who evolves into the authorative historian. W94 will remain one of my favorite worlds, despite my never playing it, which might have been the key to being the one trusted to keep the public record. I hope to see future worlds better documented, I expect W96 will be, W100 as well. I hope somebody else is inspired to document W97-W99 in a similar fashion.
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Shayd helping us set w94 apart from the others. Youre cool as hell my g


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i'm going to say it, 61 views, 4 likes, only 1 reply, confirming the validity of this thread
go ahead and sticky it?