A Kittie's Siggeh Shop =^-^=


May I set up shop here? My shop name was taken on the graphics forum :(

I'm still a newb at making siggys so any suggestions and constructive criticism are appreciated. Also, because I'm a newb siggy maker, I won't get butthurt if you don't like the first draft of my siggy and have me edit it one hundred times only to use a different sig from a siggy maker that's actually talented in the end. Of course, whether you use the siggy I made you or not I want you to like it so if you don't please tell me how I can improve it and I'll do it as many times as it takes until you like it. :icon_razz:

Needless to say, all my siggies are free.

Here are examples of my work:








Coat of Arms:


With that little rant being ranted... if you want to request a siggy please follow this format:

Text: MissKittieCat, W100, Tribe Name
Colors: (optional) Preferably green or burgundy and black. But no yellow!
Image: (here either give a URL of a render or image or a name of what you want, whether it is a specific character name or a vague noun) Kitties.
Size: (Legal or bigger? Legal is 700 x 80. If it's bigger than 'legal' you'll have to put it in a spoiler :p Bigger come out better but people have to click the spoiler so it's up to you. If you have a specific size let me know!) Legal.
Etc: (optional. Anything else you want/don't want in your siggy?)

All requests / pick-ups should be kept here. But if you have questions please either post, PM me, or skype me (miss_kittie_cat).

Thank you!



Pick Ups:

Waiting List:
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zOmg! You set up shop again!

Personal I love MKC's work but that's just me. She made my current sig as you can see from my siggeh and her examples. And when she says she'll edit it 100 times, she isn't kidding. I can be quite picky yet she still ended up making a creation that I love. MKC how long ago did you make this siggeh for me? At least 6 months ago? Shows how much I like her work. Anyways.... She has my recommendation! ^^



Text: mason7777777, Insomaniacs, W13
Colors: whatever
Image: what ever you want to im good with within reason :p
Size: doesn't matter

:p MKC


Google: Skype Smiley Blush. Image.

@ Repinskeh:
Thank for! <3

2010,July 4th, 05:08

And actually, I got yours with one try. ;)

@ Mason:
Yay, thank you for finally posting!


Text: DriverXPwnsYou, Bey0nd, W13
Colors: whatever
Image: what ever you want to im good with within reason :p
Size: doesn't matter