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Discussion in 'World 106' started by Theoneandonly, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. Theoneandonly

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    Feb 13, 2019
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    Dear Everyone,

    10) Tyr

    Leader: 6 Seems decent enough and not a complete noob taking two caps off of blood. No history to back up my theory that he isn’t a complete noob but lets go with it.

    Membership: 4 recognise a couple of names but nothing special with a lot of dead weight in the tribe.

    Position: 2 Surrounded by bigger better and more experienced tribes

    Prediction: Wont last. Best players will go to some random tribe. Maybe BEAST since they like to recruit people

    9) Sound

    Leader: 5 Never come across cyber echo before but looking at his past stats they aren’t terrible and he isn’t a complete noob. Don’t know if he’ll have any tribe quaking in their boots but could probably hold his own. This is just my theory on him

    Membership: 3 Barely know anyone in this tribe and a lot of dead weight being carried. Not got the quality to last

    Position: 1 Wow, their position is dreadful. At this rate they are going to be caught in between a top 3 sandwich getting crushed by Paint, Beast and of course Uni.

    Prediction: Food for paint and Uni. Nothing more than that

    8) Carry

    Leader: 2 Makaveli, according to my sources at least, is an idiot. On past worlds he has messed up tribes and not really got that far. Indeed, some of my sources on this world say he messed up diplomacy with quite a few tribes. Don’t know anyone else who leads the tribe personally.

    Membership: 6 Some really good players in there actually who know what they are doing and have some good stats behind them. Still quite a lot of deadweight it seems and so will need to cut back

    Position: 2 Stuck between Beast, -VS-, HNY and N.O they have a really bad position. Not only that but they are so clustered up

    Prediction: The best players will get tired of the lack of targets due to their position, the deadweight in their tribe and makaveli that they will leave and etiher join –VS- HNY or create their own tribe which may fair better

    7) Screw

    Leader: 3 Their leader has some alright stats from the past. Actually I take that back. They are meh. I also heard from a little source of mine that their leadership was “kind of annoying to work with” hence why the rating is lower. I am clutching at straws here though

    Membership: 2 Barely know any of these people nor do I know people who know them. I mean that’s not to say they suck but I think they do

    Position: 4 Although they have some space to grow into VITEZ they are still quite near UNI and being near UNI does not seem like a good life decision right now

    Prediction: Unicorn Food

    6) Sting

    Leadership: 1 Have some solid intel that this tribe is absolutely clueless. Like. Really clueless.

    Membership: 2 Don’t really know many of their members and no big names out there. A couple of their larger players I know are noobs so that never bodes well

    Position: 2 Stuck inbetween Beast and Paint. Man that’s gotta suck for them.

    Prediction: Paint and Beast Food

    5) Bleed2 (Will cover with bleed)

    4) –VS-

    Leadership:6 I know very little about –VS- leadership but judging from what I have heard and the stats they won 101? They cant be that bad then presumably but don’t want to rate them too high

    Membership: 7 Lots of overrated players in there that I have heard of and know are overhyped but also some good players in there as well. Clearly gone for big names over skill

    Position: 8.5 I mean they do have a good position with good access to both the core and the rim with a nice spread.

    Prediction: Will dominate the south east fairly comfortably

    3) Paint!

    Leadership: 4 A few friends of mine had the honour of playing with Salvador on 104 and apparently he is a very bad and toxic player. If this is true then paint wont last. I hear that the land of the dead is very good though so we’ll see how this plays out. They also seem to be a premade with a bunch of new recruits

    Membership: 5 Some good players in there but waaaayyy too many pp whores. As I said I think they are a premade but have also recruited too. Position: 8.5 Nice spread throughout the K and since they have an alliance with Uni, they can protect their northern border

    Prediction: Whilst they will secure the south west their growth will slow down as they run out of pp and they will become more and more inactive or if my sources are right, the tribe will implode

    2) Beast

    Leadership: 1 Beastfromtheeast is a mass recruiting noob. That is all.

    Membership: 7 Although they do have some pp whores, they also do have some top players who can do a lot of damage. I know ragestyles is a very impressive player according to my sources so we’ll see what they can do

    Position: 5 Although they have good access to the core they have limited access to the rim and at the current rate, will find themselves soon to be surrounded

    Prediction: Leadership will fall apart and the best players will either merge with another tribe of form their own tribe which will challenge for the north east

    1) Uni

    Leadership: 6 Don’t know much about the leadership apart from they are very Swedish and very arrogant. I have also heard rumours that they are quite dirty and are playing some very interesting politics but I cannot substantiate these rumours as of yet

    Members: 8 The swedes are accumulating a decent reputation. If these are the same bunch that won 100 then they are “nothing special” according to one source. However, for me, they clearly know what they are doing and I have some other sources telling me that “they aren’t bad”

    Position: 8 Although they do have limited access to the rim compared to Paint and –VS- they are clearly in a commanding position to take the north west and will most likely do so

    Prediction: Will take the north west comfortably

    Final Words: If you have much interesting goss that you want to anonymously put out there or just some interesting news stuffs going on. Pm me here and I'll investigate

    Love: A noob
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  2. Tory the Explory

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    nice lazy review i read half of it !
  3. Samuel4699

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    stop being so lazy

    i read 3/4 of it atleast, i think
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  4. The Flawless Hit

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    Summary: Everyone in w106 are not 'complete' noobs but a little bit noob for sure.
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  5. Mufasa

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    Dec 12, 2018
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  6. Salvador Dali

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    May 11, 2018
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    Very good review! Maybe not that lazy after all...

    Do we get an update later in the game when there are only 4 main tribes left?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
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  7. pebblo

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    Cool post and fairly accurate from what i know
  8. TimeSplitter

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    Dec 26, 2016
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    Well i can give a small minded view from my area of the world.


    So i am from the tribe CND in K65. And this (minus paint! and WoW) makes up my little world right now.

    -VS- are the obvious favourites to take over this section of the world, and i am not going to argue that for sure. As far as i am aware they have either a NAP or Alliance with HNY. But they have tribes on all sides that they will need to contend with, so i think diplomacy will be key. And also what their plans might be moving forward.

    Will they focus growth into the core, or the rim. Or just expand and fight on all fronts.

    Bleed are the next most interesting, spreading further into this K, and have a strong foothold of the core right now. I expect they will continue their growth around here in general, but i do not think they will be looking to come too far south. And will likely focus on gaining a greater control over K45.

    EPIC are in a decent location, in terms of growth on the rim, but border, -VS-, HNY and TyR. I do not believe they have any diplomacy with these tribes, but they may be looking to secure something, to give them a bit more time to be established.

    TyR, GLA and HNY, are all in a similar situation, surrounded on all sides, growing well. But over time they are going to become boxed in, so there will be alot of fighting on the way for these tribes. I think it will be interesting to see what happens with these 3, and see if they survive.

    CND, as i said is the tribe i am in. Not well established yet, but doing okay for now. we have -VS- and WoW on our doorstep, so there is always that threat hanging over us.

    Other tribes i have not mentions, Carry - slowly dieing away. Scrubs (located behind -VS-) a few good players, but i do not think they will form anything long lasting.
  9. Alexa Bliss

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    Love it when a guy see and analyse some other tribes then just the ''top 10''
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  10. Tory the Explory

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    lets go more lazy reviews!
  11. CrazyCroc

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    Haha lazy is better then nothing i suppose
  12. xxxleonidasxxx

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    Bump...a lots changed after the first review ..anyone wanna do another analysis?
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  13. Jorgy

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    I thought id give this a shot since there doesnt seem to be many other participants. Many people might not give too many craps about my opinion but i think it will be fun writing this, im on a schedule so it will be a quick review of the top tribes. Ranking is based on points.

    1. UNI

    I currently dont know much about the peeps in UNI, they have been expanding since day 1 and are currently the favourites for winning the world, a lot can happen the next weeks/months though. We've seen bigger tribes collapse before. A bunch of them are swedish though and we all know the merits of Swedenistan when it comes to gaming :rolleyes:

    2. Cicada 3301

    This is former PAINT with as far as i know the same leadership. Theyve been growing rapidly in the south-west and they seem to be a contender for the numero uno spot. 3301's diplomacy can be rated questionable at best so far and ive not been too impressed by their actions, it looks to me like theyve got some of that old BLEED vibe in the air. Rumours has it theyve been pretty keen to get some juicy DRW refugees on their roster lately ;)

    3. -VS-

    This will be a repeat of #1, i dont know much about them other than that they are allied to DRW and will most likely be a contender for the final of this world. This tribe is mainly made up from premades and imports which probably means they have a good foundation to build from. They also have a norwegian account on the number 2 spot which makes my heart beat a little faster and my chins start blushing..

    4. Mafia

    Oh boy this tribe is something else, rumours has it theyve recently managed to piss off quite a few tribes and might be looking down the barrel of a shotgun soon if they dont get a new leadership quickly and start making some better decisions. At this rate mafia will be delicious food to whoever grabs the opportunity.

    5. DRW

    Formed from the disbanding of BLEED and kudos to threadstarter for predicting the downfall of BLEED so early. BLEED members were promised "you will all be taken care of" while what really happened was that the new tribe was formed and former BLEED players now without a tribe, were targeted firstly. This tribe was supposed to be an improvement, the main point being better leadership. I can promise you 1000% that this was not the case, like the former leadership these guys also rely on threats to get stuff done in the tribe. Little teamwork and several high point players without any real grasp on the game. This tribe will not last, looking at leadership losing a key player (skojevka), firmly losing the war against the VS - WET alliance and losing other players on the flanks to 3301. Leadership made several questionable decisions, the main one targeting EPIC instead of the real threat, taking the easy way doesnt always lead you where you want..

    6. VS

    This is the final tribe i will bring up (sorry TP, you might also deserve a mention). VS seem to have good teamwork with some premades and strong leadership. They are still quite small but i can see them reaching the top 3 if things go their way ;)

    This was all i had time for, i have to hurry to reach a birthday now, enjoy the read and leave your complaints down below :D
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  14. Aretas

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    Let me paraphrase your rankings for you if you will:

    rank 1-3: Are tribes I don't know, they are premades, and big and thus likely contenders in the world, oh and rank 1 is Swedish, rank 2 recruited from my enemies so I don't like that.

    rank 4: the juciy part here where we learn VS sees mafia as food moving forward, or perhaps cannon fodder? and even recommends new leadership for the tribe :O

    rank 5: these are my enemies, now I'm going to list all the reasons I don't like them and they are bad, and why I left them.

    rank 6: this is my lovely tribe, we actually have a premade leadership and our lovely leader enjoys strolls on the beach at sunrise and sipping hot coco by the fire side at night.

    rank 7-10: Well I already got to rank my tribe and my enemies who I don't like so why continue onwards? we all know I've done what I wanted.
  15. Jorgy

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    Apr 5, 2019
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    I appreciate the criticism i would have said more about the lower tribes if i had the time and if i had any info on them. This is all my personal opinions, not my tribe’s. The reason i talk more about DRW is because ive had the pleasure of staying in bleed and drw for a long time and bottled up a lot of thoughts. And yes i also have a grudge against DRW so this is not a very neutral ranking, but i wasnt being unfair or saying things that werent true, take from that what you will.
  16. TG Smurf

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    Epic - defo gonna win the world, far superior players than any other

    Every other tribe - ha! What a joke of a group of tribes
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  17. pressstart

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    Actually really enjoyed this! Thank you!
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  18. Tory the Explory

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    rank 1-3 are my bashers they are saving villages for me

    rank 4 is people who try to put the square shape in the round hole

    rank 5 is the round hole

    rank 6 worst toxic leadership never gives me any internals... #givemeinternalsforbetterreview

    rank 7-10 are all my family tribes so they are full of pros
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