A lesson in randomly sending invites

Discussion in 'World 30' started by jax010, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. jax010

    jax010 Guest

    I decided to share a little story with you guys, something that happend this afternoon. Hope you enjoy it!

    This after, my coplayer and I were going about business as usual. We'd picked this noble target a week earlier (Devilhell), and we were commencing it just now. Suddenly, we realized what tribe Devilhell was in.


    We had an invitation to INSO2! Immediatly, we accepted the invite so to get a better look at what their internals were like and check out their support system. However, we got even more than we'd hoped; their forums were linked, so we got a look at how Devilhow's support request was going. This was the result:


    So after this, you'd expect us to be kicked out immediatly, correct? Nah. We're still in INSO2, even as I write this post. I guess they have a very slow system of aristocracy, huh?

    Speaking of their aristocracy, take a look at this:


    Shouldn't your security be a little...better? When you're planning something like that?

    Anyways, I hope you got as much of a laugh out of this as we did. Thanks! :icon_cool:

    P.S.: I left the INSO members a little note in their forums, so you might see a couple hotheaded INSO's around here in a moment *wink*
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  2. electricRush

    electricRush Guest

    Lol that is just laughable.
  3. HighCOmmander

    HighCOmmander Non-stop Poster

    Jan 28, 2007
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    Hey! BD!! Over Here!! A plot to overthrow you!! OMIGOSH!!

    That is actually hilarious, I almost feel sorry for them right now.
  4. dexa

    dexa Guest

    you joined when ? cause if im not mistaken youv been in inso2 for more then a couple hours, and you where invited before you commited the attacks, and well your getting rimmed soon enough so :) i would have loved to be down there now :D would have had some major fun rimming you myself :)
  5. jax010

    jax010 Guest

    Hmm, and you don't think theres something wrong with keeping someone who is attacking a tribemember in the tribe for a few hours? Or not withdrawing an invite after it hasn't been accepted for over a week? Thats just asking for exploitation :icon_cool:
  6. dexa

    dexa Guest

    and the only thing youv made clear thus far is to get a vacation on the rim soon enough, to bad but around you theres quite a few inso and inso2 players, and right now im waging quantity over quality.
  7. garrettglass

    garrettglass Guest

    you never had an invite for over a week so keep dreaming, and sorry not everyone is online the minute you come in and pull your shenanigans but no worries cause soon you won't be in INSO territory.
    and anything you read off our forums was general members discussing possible suggestions, not what the council was discussing on doing, so good luck there as well
  8. k9burn

    k9burn Guest

    /me runs and hides.
  9. dexa

    dexa Guest

    and yes conserning the BD issue and one of theyre member taking a village and rimming a slow player in our tribe, doesnt mean we made any final conclusions to how to adress the matter, as garret says, you read the general forum where ppl say theyre meaning, you never saw the conclusion from the council and tribe leaders.

    Next time try to get some more facts before you try to blacklist a tribe.
  10. garrettglass

    garrettglass Guest

    and our Aristocracy is So SLOW i mean come on you were in the tribe for a very long time right?

    Jan 28
    03:29 KA-Lamity has been dismissed by Oscar122.
    Jan 28
    02:20 KA-Lamity joined the tribe.

    hmm well sorry not every tribe can have Aristocrats online 24-7 excuse me if i was offline for 1 hour...i went out to a restaurant to eat, so sorry to disappoint
  11. jax010

    jax010 Guest

    Yes, keep talking smack, lets see how far it gets you :lol:

    I even told of your players that no, I wasn't joining, yet the invite was still there. And that post was taken off of your pitiful little war forums :icon_razz:

    And I do love the 1 57 hour attack I've recieved. Proves that you really know how to back up your bellicose words :icon_rolleyes:

    Not even a mail? No cleanup? Btw, this is not a "fast" response by INSO, this is just because I left them a little note in their forums so all their members can see just how grand their tribe is.
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  12. AK_iceman

    AK_iceman Guest

    Why did he still have the invite then? :icon_confused:
  13. garrettglass

    garrettglass Guest

    i never recieved any mail from him saying he wasn't joining...and his invite was never a week old i withdraw after 2-3 days maximum, he was part of a tribal merger, not randomly invited, but thats ok now he has no tribe and soon his villages will be missing as well...
  14. 2tlc

    2tlc Guest

    Once again we are not all online at the same time

    keep posting I love to read your post once the smugness gets bashed off and you get handed your one way ticket :icon_twisted:
  15. garrettglass

    garrettglass Guest

    I guess thats a matter of opinion, i don't think it was fast i took an hour to come back online, normally i would respond faster, yet i'm sure that just about every tribe, if not every tribe does not have aristocrats online 24-7
    some players,
    real players actually play their accounts they don't have multiple people play one account >.<
  16. jax010

    jax010 Guest

    I love your ideas of delusion and granduer, but thats just me :lol:


    And the day he messaged me was 3 days ago, and he only messaged me after he saw I had not joined after a few days. Keep on lying through your teeth :)

    I was talking about the response to this post...but ok -_-
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  17. garrettglass

    garrettglass Guest

    so you mailed your tribe leader not me, your tribe leader, or ex tribe leader depending on when mail was sent never forwarded mail to aristocracy, i would like to see any tribe who has aristocracy with psychic powers that just knows when someone doesn't want invite after they were told to invite and given the name on the list for players to invite for merger.

    so unless you have proof of mailing an INSO leader it doesn't do the INSO leadership any good cause they never got the mail

    if i can make that clearer for u let me know KK
  18. jax010

    jax010 Guest

    You keep digging yourselves deeper holes with your messed up "logic"

    If this was a merger, and some of the people who were merging did not join, shouldn't the invite be withdrawn? It doesn't matter whether a leader got the mail, the leader should have been notified anyways, or at least realized they had an invite sitting around unaccepted. It doesn't take psychic powers, it takes very, very, basic tribal communication. You also said you only keep invites around for 2 to 3 days, and yet you say you have to be mailed to withdraw an invite?
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  19. garrettglass

    garrettglass Guest

    Jan 25
    03:26 KA-Lamity has been invited by Oscar122.

    Jan 25

    Jan 28
    03:29 KA-Lamity has been dismissed by Oscar122.

    Jan 28

    3 days n00b go learn how to count; and next time you try calling me a liar how about some proof?
  20. garrettglass

    garrettglass Guest

    any other INSO flaming i haven't proved just being you making up a load of lies? let me know and i'll come here and prove you wrong yet again...
    thanks for wasting my time
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