A long time ago...


...in a galaxy far, far away...

Tribal Wars

The evil Empire, led by its cruel emperor Mikeys were being challenged by the courageous Rebellion! A group of heroic beings, dedicated to overthrowing the foul institution that was the Empire. The leaders of said rebellion were the beautiful and gutsy princess Hooch and the brilliant admiral, Steve! These rebells were in part inspired by the Hero of the Rebellion, Marlow, who had been trained by the brave Pizz and the wise and calm Darke.

The final battle would be the Battle of the North-East. In their gigantic Battle Cluster the leaders of the Empire - such as Moff Jirki, Grand Moff Philler and Admiral Babs - were gathered to oversee their fleet.

In this battle, the Empire's enforcers, Darth Jas, were defeated and finally converted to the light side by his bastard son Marlow. Emperor Mikeys kicks the bucket.

The Battle Cluster were wrecked by an impressive flight by the wickedly handsome Grim Lockrissian, the hairy Jonnybacca and Rogue Squadron, led by Bisko Antilles. They were helped by a groundside assault at the Battle Cluster's shield area, accomplished by Hooch and her companion Phillips Solo.

Meanwhile, the rebell fleet, directed by its admiral, fought a brilliant battle against an numerically superior foe.

Afterwards, they party like crazy. Then they get invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong, but that's a story for another day.

Endeth, this is.​


Grimmy that was great :lol:

But you are starting to post like our dead friend Congo, sorry he likes to called the living dead nowdays :lol::lol:


LMAO. Brilliant!!!

We'll have to see if there's a second one, "the Empire Strikes Back"


hahahahahah love it...however i could have at least been a rebel fighter pilot, a bothan spy...or even r2bonesaw or cbonesaweio :(

possibly master obisaw bonsobe ?


Ha ha ha, i grew up on star wars, had all the figures and ships, now my son is into lego star wars, if i were in this story i think i`d have to be Kilobi wan kenobi :lol:


Someone had one too many sugars in their tea :D very funny Grim ^^

If i was on the evil side i would be called "Darth Marlow" xD


"Impressive... Most Impressive"

(Darth Vader says after Luke jumps out of the carbonation chamber)


I am most certain that no name in Star Wars sounds cool with my name :(


Tavion Axmis= deaamooon axesssssss
Jan Dodonna= Jan Deamona
Davin Felth= Demon felth
Qui-Gon Jinn= DAi Mon Jinn


hhahaha came back to this a year later...so many ppl gone new ppl here...and still the battle for the galaxy continues


I'm a new guy and not a player of W2. I just come by to see if Marlow is still kicking ass. I love this PnP and it just so happened the perfect music came on while I was reading

Great post! Go DF/REB!