A Metaphorical Question


this is a Metaphorical Question

Which would you rather face

1 Million Point Player


10 100,000 Point Players

assuming that they have equal skill, villages, and spread.

My opinion is the 10 100,000 point players simply because their is no way they are as coordinated.


I believe this was brought up in another thread, good job for putting it in the right place to give it on-topic attention. I still say the 10 players. They can harass you 24/7 in theory and you have to understand 10 enemies rather than outwitting one. There is a case where the one player is more dangerous, but this is a team game for a reason, there is danger if the ten is working together well.


If all 11 players are equally skilled, the 10 100k players should have more nobles between them than the single 1 mill. player. With more nobles you can spread D more.


It really does depend on a lot of factors, so I will define a few things for myself.

1. All accounts are 24/7 played
2. The 10 players have the kind of coordination that you see in top tribes, where players are rimmed in seconds
3. All villages are 10k points, with full troops, 2:1 ratio

With those above definitions, I would take the 10 players. Things that would change that is if the 100k accounts are not 24/7 played, and the 1 mil is, if the 10 players are not very, very coordinated, and if the 100k point players had smaller or non-full villages.

All of the above situations that would change my opinion, and all are fairly likely, as a lot of smaller accounts aren't coplayed, usually aren't that coordinated at 100k points each, and often have smaller (and less troops) villages.