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Discussion in 'World 33' started by Sayak, May 12, 2009.

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  1. RhandAltor

    RhandAltor Guest

    Gratz stiker!
  2. 1 Stiker de Grey HAWKS 43.501.212 5356 8122
    2 pherion HAWKS 39.540.392 4139 9553

    and stiker continues to have a commanding lead with over 1200 villages more then the next player behind him (namely me and pherion :icon_razz:). with such a lead it will take a dramatic shift to upset this balance.
  3. 1 Stiker de Grey HAWKS 53.797.288 5973 9007
    2 pherion HAWKS 39.983.621 4141 9656

    Stiker continues to grow into uncharted waters for W33 and almost uncharted levels in the TW .net community overall.

    With the nearest player over 13 million points behind and almost 2000 villages behind stiker continues to dominate not only ODA chart but the points chart as well.
  4. Repinski

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    Dec 12, 2008
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    I believe Striker is the largest TW .net player around. Don't think anyone has broke 50mil before.
  5. nah there are a few that have before (you can probably count them all on both hands)...Jirki88 on W2 is still in the lead with almost 70 million points and 6483 villages
  6. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    will only be a matter of time before stiker takes that....
  7. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    What is jirki's average points per village?
  8. you can look it up yourself :icon_razz: :icon_twisted:

    don't kill me....it's 10538

    and he eventually will with the infinite nobles and everything but jirki has the advantage of an ungodly number of fully built villages he can munch on at any time...stiker doesn't.
  9. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    We'll pass him at least for a time ;)
  10. probably pass him once his world ends :lol: