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I've just started this world, mainly to mess around and perhaps generate some premium points in the process. I've noticed that there is this new mechanic called scavenging and have become a bit curious of how it works. Where am I supposed to put my troops? How does it compare to farming? Can I snipe using this? I just wanted to start a bit of a discussion about scavenging and how good it actually is.

The Basics

The first thing to know about scavenging is that there are four options, each with a different yield. You have Lackadaisical Looters which yields 10% of a full haul, Humble Haulers that yields 25%, Clever Collectors at 50% and Great Gatherers at 75%. I'm going to be calling these LL, HH, CC and GG respectively from now on. It seems simple just to pop your resources into GG every time as it gives you the most bang for your buck, but this is actually a trap, each option is roughly equal in terms of value.

Lets say we wanted to get 750 resources from each option, we'd have to send the following raid parties:

LL: 7500 Haul or 300 Spearmen
HH: 3000 Haul or 120 Spearmen
CC: 1500 Haul or 60 Spearmen
GG: 1000 Haul or 40 Spearmen

It's important to note two things. Firstly, it doesn't matter what speed the troop you use for scavenging. Scavenging time is based on how much you loot and does not factor what troops you send like farming. The second thing is that to loot the same number of resources takes the same amount of time from each option. Each of the above options I put takes 62 minutes and 43 seconds in W98. Whether this is factored by world speed or troop speed remains to be seen until there is a larger sample size of worlds.


The real question then is how should one be using this feature optimally. I made a graph to give an idea of how your resources hauled per hour increase when you put more troops into scavenging. The line on the bottom is LL, the line on the top is HH:


One thing of note is that all four options are logarithmic when it comes to gains. Essentially this means that their gains fall off the more troops you put into them. Past about 10k worth of loot capacity, it's probably not worth putting much more into the scavenging. I'd put CC and GG there too, but I'm a tad lazy atm, perhaps I'll edit it in later.

The next question to ask is, should I be putting all my eggs in one basket or not?

Lets say you have 500 light cavalry or 40000 total haul

GG would give you 30000 resources over 18 hours 37 mins (1611 res/h)

Splitting equally would give:

LL: 1000 over 1 hour 14 mins (810.81 res/h)
HH: 2500 over 2 hours 20 mins (1071 res/h)
CC: 5000 over 4 hours 1 min (1247 res/h)
GG: 7500 over 5 hours 37 mins (1335 res/h)

So essentially:

1611 res/h vs. 4463 res/h

This holds pretty true across everything. It doesn't hold for very very low amounts like 10 spears, but lets be honest, 95% of people are past that point. I'm not sure of the exact split yet which is optimal, but splitting across all four types is the way to go.

Scavenging vs. Farming:

Now lets say you aren't a lazy shitter like me and actually do farming, should you be scavenging whilst farming? Which is better?

Lets use 500 lc as an example. Now I already know that I'm going to be getting 4463 res/h from scavenging. This will give me 107k resources over 24 hours. You'd need full hauls to arrive back to your village from 56 lc every hour to make it worth to farm. To put that as a comparison, if this was on the looter board yesterday, it would just be under the top 10. Furthermore, this is irrespective of troop speed, I can send 1600 spears, which would also do the job.

I'd not put 500 lc in there though, I'd put a smaller amount, depending on your area and how serious you were and then farm out your area with the rest. I haven't calculated it out though yet.


From my testing, scavenging comes back exactly on the second, so if could be used theoretically like barb bouncing, but I'd honestly stick to barb bouncing as I'm not sure how accurate it is or cancel sniping (because it's basically better).
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the nemesis123

I have a theory about the splits but I have yet to test it out.


Does the time it takes to scavenge increase based on the amount of pop you send or something?

Like right now I use my LC on CC, spears on HH and swords on LL

the nemesis123

Does the time it takes to scavenge increase based on the amount of pop you send or something?

Like right now I use my LC on CC, spears on HH and swords on LL

It's nothing to do with that.

It's basically based on the amount you haul from the spot.

If you send 10 spears, it's going to take the same amount of time as 25 axes because they both haul 250 resources total.

When it comes to the difference between the four spots in time, they take the same amount of time to loot the same amount of resources.

So LL loots 10% of your total capacity, HH 25% and CC 50%.

Essentially, 100 axe, 40 axe, and 20 axe to each spot would all take the same amount of time.


I'm not sure of the exact split yet which is optimal, but splitting across all four types is the way to go.
A weighted split is best. If you want to see the numbers, I can show you. Only an iteration, but it gives a pretty clear depiction of the "perfect" split.

the nemesis123

I have a good idea on it, was giving more of an example. It's far better to weight towards the higher hauling scavenges, but not really playing the world seriously anyways.


Can you share those numbers and thoughts? I would glady see and read them. :)

I was lazy and just used the constants for uk35,


I used 300 spears and the first 3 levels as the 4th one wouldn't be used so early in play.
You can see, as nem said, that a split weighted towards the more efficient scavenges gives you the best result. If you want the "perfect" split, you can easily graph the equation and find it yourself.
Murderous Mouse said in another post how to find the world specific constants:

1: (((0.1 * capacity) ^ 2 * 100) ^ 0.45 + 1800) * 0.6830201284
2: (((0.25 * capacity) ^ 2 * 100) ^ 0.45 + 1800) * 0.6830201284
3: (((0.5 * capacity) ^ 2 * 100) ^ 0.45 + 1800) * 0.6830201284
4: (((0.75 * capacity) ^ 2 * 100) ^ 0.45 + 1800) * 0.6830201284

General pattern is:
(((loot_factor * capacity) ^ 2 * 100) ^ duration_exponent + duration_initial_seconds) * duration_factor

In case the constants vary, the factors can be found on your page by viewing source and finding "ScavengeScreen" and then reading the JS object there. https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/ may help for making it more readable.

Time formula for uk35 at least, some of the constants could vary across worlds I guess. It's easy enough to find the formula in the JS source of the page too if you really want.


Must share this fine little thing which i found out , boosts for increased haul % also applies to scavenging.

Happy scavenging:)


Its' good, but bigger the troop size, longer it takes to travel ugh.