A quick guide to quick-bar links...


If you go into settings you'll see this:

Quick bar: Show quick bar

Just check that box and save. :)

Lord Peon

One thing to keep in mind is if you make a link from one of your reports, make sure you have the report in one of your folders, not in new reports. The link will stop working if the report gets deleted.


Put it in the target URL. Once there, you just have to make sure your web browser is on the appropriate page for the script, and then click the link on the quick-bar.


It depends on which script, though a lot don't work for ie. There would be more information in the Script section of the forum however.


but were do we get the timer and mass recruitment code?>?


Between "Map" and your current village's name there's arrows that takes you to the same screen you're currently on of your next village.
How do I make links to my villages on the QB that takes me to the same screen I'm currently on of the village I click on?


Great job on the guide. I see how it could easily help quite a lot of people. There is also a way to farm using the quick bar. It is very much the same as the dodging link, but with "Attack again with same troops." Attack a village with your desired amount of troops, save the report, make a link on the quick bar. (There are better ways, but this is the fastest to my knowledge)

I was able to send out 20 farming armies in a minute doing this with a pretty laggy connection. It's for those who don't have much time on their hands.

If you are going to use this, though, number your farms. Going from one village to another saying "I was on 31..." is far easier than saying "I was on the F in the third row and ninth column". :p
I don't understand how this works. What I do is goto the map, click on a target village (farm), get the Send troops? page. Now if I click on your farm quick link there or if I go to the next page (rally point) and click there, the coords (xx|xx) of the village in the archived report are always put into the x,y fields.


there is a little mistake in the guide, when you are talking about using the report link to dodge

"you are going to make use of the "Attack again with all troops""

then you wrote this code


but it should be


now my question:
how can I write a link to a site out of the game site?
lets say I want a link to twstats.com in my quick bar
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you need to have the http:// there to get out of the tw directory.


thanks for this guide; so helpful. 1 question - is it possible to make drop menus appear in the quick bar?


no, well, maybe with a LOT of hard work put into editing a custom CSS file to go with it, but I don't know if even that would be possible (I haven't done much beyond basic CSS).


It's possible to create the dropmenu / droplist using javascript only. When you put a tag in the Target-URL: textbox when you Add New Link, the tag < and > will automatically be parsed as &lt; and &gt; they will be parsed so you had to create a javascript function and called it from the quick bar.

This is the screen shot of a sample how the droplist will show in your quick bar :

You just click on the link (in this example Create Droplist), the droplist will show.

I've been talking to Servy, and there are certain things that are illegal to put in the droplist, like things that are already in the standard premium quickbar, it would be mimicking it.

So you might want to put a service request and ask first.

I won't put the script to make that sample above here until Servy or other Administrator said I can post it, just in case making the droplist itself is considered illegal.


Is there a way to switch to a specific village using the QuickBar from where you are at? For example, if I'm in Village A in my village HQ, I could click "Village B" and it would take me to the HQ of Village B. Or, if I was in any other place, such as the rally point, then it would take me there. Make sense?