A secret premade?

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Quite riveting, if I do say so myself. For a war that lasted less than 10 minutes it had everything. ACTION. DRAMA. DECEIT. LOVE. And I have the PnP to prove it too.

It all started with the declaration. IKEA were quite shocked. I know this because their leader messaged me straight away!

King Ham II today at 14:54
You bunch of meanies. ;(
Dec 06
14:56 IKEA has offered peace to the tribe.
Dec 06
14:56 The tribe IKEA has withdrawn their peace offering.

Couldn't make up their mind! Perhaps because one of their members was secretly sending me love notes!!! *shock* *gasp*

NightTimeFright today at 14:54

that was amazing xD i loved the "we are warring on you" part xD! hehe
Clearly excited by my extraordinary declaration, what happened afterwards is not suitable for this family-friendly forum to know about. Let's just say that the tea in my cup was hotter than usual :icon_redface: Here are a few glimpses:

NightTimeFright today at 15:45
stop staring at my breast
And from the duke himself!
King Ham II today at 14:59
How about you share some of that tea and we can...
Eventually things died down and all is well between Party! and IKEA now.

Dec 06
15:01 The tribe has made peace with IKEA
Dec 06
15:01 The tribe has offered peace to IKEA.

And the moral of the story is: All's fair in love and war!



I know i am late to the party but i call the american ashtray


You should all make a premade for the future with all these names :) ChineseCoaster 8-3


Too bad I hadn't read this before joining just now... I'd be "SpanishSpork", if I were Spanish... Maybe "KanadialandKan-Opener" fits better. :D