A Story By Coffee Troll- "Churches"

Discussion in 'World 58' started by BGeorge3, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Once upon a time there lived a village, This was an ordinary village not to big not to small, Just normal.

    One day a nobleman came along and enslaved its people, At first those who resisted were slaughtered, Soon everyone loved there new king, One day quite awhile after the first nobleman came, News started flowing of another Nobleman taking there kings lands.

    So the village rallied together with its allies, And soon enough they amassed a massive army of 75000 Spearmen 10000 Swordsmen, 10000 Archers and over 9000 Heavy cavalrymen, All where stationed in the village.

    The war thought to be won before it even began So we prepared forces awaiting this enemy noble men and his Army of which its strength Was unknown.

    3 days later there was rumors the enemy was approaching the village was in a rush to prepare the wall hoping to have it 20 Bricks high, Then over the horizon the first enemy troops where seen, From the wall it looked to be a very small army compared to the villages defense's, Yet again victory felt assured!.

    On the 4th day the attack began, it started with the catapults thracking boulders at the wall, Slowly bringing it down then the Rams came and the wall was all but lost, Then from behind the rams came the enemy axemen who cleared a path for the Light Cavalry and Mounted archers to thunder into the village.

    The allied Army was dying at a 20-1 Ratio Soon everyone started realizing we could not win this war!, Panic began peasants started running everywhere!.

    On the 5th day when the smoke cleared, There where mounds of body's of horse's and men covering the ground, mothers trying to find son's, Son's trying to find fathers, All seemed lost.

    After the body's where cleared away we discovered our allied force has been defeated by a miniscule 21000 Axemen, 9000 Light cavalry, 1400 Mounted Archers And 1000 rams, We where in dismay as to how this came to pass, " Where they really men?, Where they gods?".

    on the 7th day The Nobleman now known As Lord Coffee Ordered a building Built which was known by these men as a church, Many were in disbelief as to what it was, "Was this how they got there power?, Was this how they defeated us as if we where nothing?".

    Soon after it was built we started going to pay every 7th day and thus everything started to become better in our village, And we lived happily as if our last Lord had never existed.

    Morale of this story:

    Build a church.
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    True moral of this story: No one but BGeorge posts threads on externals for 58.
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    Yeah. I wish more people would post. I mean, I can go to earlier worlds (even worlds 1, 2, and 3) or newer worlds (64, 65, and 66) and people talk on the externals, but the world 58 forums are dead which is kind of sad, and the only people that do post are from FORK.
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    Sometimes you don't want a church. Someone should ask MM about how his support is holding up in my new village that has over 160 nukes aimed at it... lol.

    It lands, then 2 seconds later... poof!! A whole village of defensive troops disappears!! Over and over and over...
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    I just posted, happy? :p
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    No-one else really needs to post on the externals, and looking at the quality of BGeorge's posts, I don't think anyone wants to.

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    Trolling Hard son :\

    And Im keepin' the poosts aliiiiiive!