A Tribute To Earl . The Greatest Mod to ever Mod W85 forum


The Forums are a great plase to talk about PnP and to make talk smack. Mods dont like it when we break the rules but something that upsets people more then rule breaking is gramma and spelling errors.

You will have noticed some already thus far, and thats the point. This has nothing to do with anything thats happening in game this is just about the skype chat and how I have managed to manipulate the rules of the english langauge.

[12:48:35 AM] Nathan Egan: place *
[12:53:41 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: yeah, about that...
[12:53:53 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: i like to spell plase with an S
[12:54:09 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: it makes the word look a lot more funky
[12:54:22 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: its not about the sound it makes, its about how it looks
[12:54:42 AM] Nathan Egan: haha thats pretty strange
[12:55:07 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: when i say a word out of my mouth, you might not think i pronounce it correctly, but you still understood the word, theirfor i said it right as the point is to communicate comprehancible
[12:55:15 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: its the same with spelling and gramah
[12:55:30 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: if you can reasd the word to correct it, it ,means you understoof it
[12:55:37 AM] Pastor Of Muppets.: theirfor i spelt it correctly
[12:55:53 AM] Nathan Egan: haha fair enough

as you can see. Nathan thinks that is fair enough, and if its good enough for him , its got to be good enough for everyone, cause Nathans a top bloke.

Anyway, back on topic...

Earl my main man,, your the best Mod to ever mod the world 85 forum section. here is a toast to you son. I accedently dropped it, it landed butter side down. sorry about that.

Moving right along now....

Earl had dedicated his life to keep these forums safe from road rage , nuclier fall outs and homicidal maniacs like Black Flags , Fraseryeah and Yosi. so lets all have turns at saying why we like our simple Mod.

If my poor execution of spelling and grammah has highly annoyed you, then my work here is done :D


Apparently Immunesoul would rather Commit Hara-Kiri then pay homage to Earl, and looks like Silvester Stallone has woke up with a bad hang over, and seen his lay from the night before and is not very happy with himself. Oh well we will get drunk and pick up questionable women, not the first time its happened, wont be the last.....

someone get that guy some Berocca STAT!

Do not Fear Earl. Soon someone will come and give you the props you deserve.

I would however I am to busy trying to be funny. While others may not find it amusing, I have not laughed so hard in the longest time

Rip Peter Griffin. It did not have to end this way.


Pandoras Boxx from R!SE and ChrisCrystal from AKATS have some explaining to do today.

and why had JNEVA: and JNEVA+ had to go to these tribes to fight their wars for them?

And why does ELICCIA TOWN have Identical accounts with Identical profiles accounts in JNEVA: and JNEVA+ ?
could there be some kind of ... no wait... people don't have to break the ruled to bring me down do they ?

Of course they do.

There is a storm brewing in the south. you'd be best out purchasing high grade umbrella's and bomb shelters.

I killed your nobles. And soon I will have your villages. and there is nothing you can do about it.



​I like Pink Unikorns also. Blue ones are my favourite.

I got a Joke for you guys ready?


hahahhahaha that one cracks me up every time, ok I got another one....

What do you call a Guy named AtmosphereCF that has 2 black eyes?

[spoil]Nothing, you already told him twice[/spoil]


@ Sinful Angel


Just because you say so, does not make it so. And to send an Asian guy to tell me as you've not got the courage to tell it to my face smacks of cowardness.

You are one of these people that are all talk from the comfort of a remote location. Take it to a street level its a different story.

Lot of weak people like you out there these days.

Sinful Angel

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Ugh Britta/Fraser, you're the worst



I don't know what Britta is... Not sure why you can only retort through you-tube, again, mind control has taken its toll on you.

Earl can we put a sticky on this please, The wit and charisma of sinful angel is second to everyone.
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