Abandoned Villages FAQ


it says x/x number of spearmen so i guess the spearmen i sent to the abandoned village died?could u teach me how do i check where they are and everything and how i command them to come back?
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They probably died or haven't returned yet then. Check your reports, and the filter. When in doubt, check the rally point and barracks too to make sure they are still alive/where they are.


Not quite sure where I should post this, but here'll do
The new Barbarian rule meant that current worlds with growing barbs will only grow to ~3k.
What happens if a player goes inactive and has (for example) a 10k point village? Does the village stay where it is or does it demolsh buildings?


i think thats the point where it overloads the new server then thousands of people send in support tickets and they finnaly fix it and realize that is a stupid rule and put it back to not groing at all like it should be.