Ability to add buildings to the queue with 0 farm space

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Just another idea of mine,

If you currently have no population space, you cannot add buildings (because you have no population space). My tweak is that, if you add a farm to the queue, the option to add buildings to the queue becomes available (as long as you would have population space).

To summarise, you have 0 population, you had a farm queue, after that farm you'd have the space to add buildings instantly so why not enable the option to add buildings to be built instantly as you'd have the space.

If the farm is removed from the queue, so are any buildings from the queue you couldn't build (as you'd have no population space once the farm was constructed).

This would only be for buildings and not troop queues.


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Approved for voting. Good luck!

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Even for troop queues wouldn't be bad if you could add things to queue in the barracks/stable and then when the farm upgrade is done they would start producing
That should be available at least in the account manager, the troop manager just stops whenever the farm is full....