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Description thread is here

I have thought of rewriting the entire thread, but to be honest, I think Ibo's idea is spot on. So I'll start with that and add some extra's (old about us threads).

Use this to discuss, post more 'descriptions'. Sooo, in this all you have to do is just write a paragraph about yourself. You can include pretty much whatever you want, make it as long as you want, it's up to you. I'm guessing the idea is to give any newcomers a chance to see who we really are, and perhaps it'll stop everyone so scared of coming here? Because we're nice really, aren't we? Now of course, this means you get to do whatever you please. But please, if we could keep up the good work with at least 5 of your self written sentences for a self-description rather than "It's me, what more needs said." Because quite honestly, if you're not going through the effort of writing something proper, then I'm not going through the effort of adding it. There is no set format, but there will probably (as said below here) be some examples to check out.

Now this will be the discussion thread where you can post your self description, or post notes for other posters. Examples will be in the thread that hold said self descriptions and notes. If you have any extra ideas for me, I respond to PM's pretty swiftly as long as I'm online.

When you post a description there, then I will add it to the Description thread. Which means that I will delete the post you have here so I know I've added it. If you have anything you want me to edit into it later on, you can post that in here too.
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Please make my name bold in the description thread! I wanna fit in with the everyone esle. Also please underline it so my name can stand out after being unbolded for so long. You know, like compensation for the unfair unbolded treatment I've had to endure for the past 44 days.