Abs and Money Saving Tips


Sorry ladies no pics

First, i would like to state that women love men with abs. A lot of male gamers often wonder why they don't have a girlfriend or why their social life is declining. The first thing you need to know as a man is that women lie. Yep, they actually lie about what they want in a man. Mostly they lie to themselves until it becomes true. Secondly, women are shallow, their just not as vocal about it like men. A women would never hoot and holler at a guy in public unless he is on stage and then some women will actually throw under garments at the men on stage. o_O

Secondly, i would like to state that any women can be attracted to any man. Their is nothing special about that super star guy up on stage. If fact its a normal man. Just like the rest of us gamer guys, the difference is life choices.

Why do i care if i have abs, i am in pretty good shape?

Because, in a poll of thousands of women the most attractive muscle a man can have is abs. Not, the well defined arms, not pecks and not any other muscle. just abs.

So, then how do we become that guy with Abs and women falling all over us?

I want to start by saying that some women are not just into looks, but looks often get you a second look. In a room full of my old college friends a girl walked up to me and said "I want to have a look at those abs" She then picked up my shirt and began to feel up and down my body. It was funny and a little embarrassing all at the same time. The other guys in the room kinda sucked in the fat as my friends used to drink a lot in college and now their not exactly in the best of shape.

I am sure many of you have, spent money on diet pills that don't work and can actually kill you. Seriously, don't start popping pills to get skinny. Some of you may have even fallen for the commercials about work out equipment sold by models that never even used the machine they are selling. Others may have spent hours at the gym working out and still never losing more then a few pounds. I am here to tell you that no one cares if you actually get skinny or get abs, the pill company, the sales people on t.v. and the memberships guy at the gym all want the same thing your money. I on the other hand only want your love and admiration. So, i have decided to tell you the secrets of great abs.

First, Stop doing Ab work outs. No really, don't work your abs out at all. By working out your abs you build up the muscle under the fat. Which in turn Makes you're stomach bigger. Most people want smaller stomachs and this will increase your waist line.

Secondly, you need to do some research on what some of your friends with abs do in their daily life. Do they run. Do they skateboard. Do they do bmx stuff with their bike. Are they constantly, getting out side and going places with their friends, not just out to dinner.

Third, you need a life-style plan. Not a diet plan. Whats a life-style plan you ask? IF, you never heard the term life-style plan then its the single biggest reason your not in top physical shape. It all starts with the mind. Yep, your mind. You must first train your mind to be more healthy and start making better life choices for your body. second you need a good plan on eating filling foods with low calories. Notice i did not just say "Healthy Foods"

Examples of healthy foods

Carrots, greens, peaches, apples, nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Examples of Filling foods

Peanut butter, nuts, eggs and steamed rice

Examples of fat burning foods


Now, count how many of these 13 foods you have consumed today? If you said zero then thats not a sign as you should always, eat something that makes you feel full with out actually being full.

Other good foods and drinks, red wine, dark chocolate and subway subs.

I often times go to chick-fil-la its place that serves chicken sandwhiches and some times after eating i don't feel full and i know i will want to eat again. So, i grab a spoonful of peanut butter and eat that instead of having another meal or snack. just one spoonful. nuts have a tendency to hold you over until the next meal. So, trail mix is a better solution but i got to have that buttery taste, plus that goes to the butt not my abs, is what i tell myself.

***Disclaimer**** Do not eat a whole stick of butter for a dollar. Because your friend dared you too.

Sorry, i lost track of where i was going with this. yes, abs. Eat right, Work out and think healthy thoughts.

But wait eating healthy is expensive and since i am still reading this i have more time then money. Doesn't healthy food cost more money then the junk i eat.

Not exactly, You can actually eat healthy food for free. Take a look into my college buddies way of life. No money plus free time equals ingenuity. Need pot and beer, grow and brew it yourself. Wait thats a whole other topic all together.

yes, growing and making your own food in your back yard.

Step one: Buy a shovel.
Step two: Dig a whole in your back yard.
Step three: Fill said hole with water.
Step four: Put fish into water hole.
Step five: Buy a pump (A cheap one)
Step six: Cover hole with metal mesh and tarps.
Step seven: Put tray's for growing stuff on top of the pond.
Step eight: Plant seeds for vegetables
Step nine: pump fish water on top of garden and let it fall back into the pond.
Step ten: Feed fish and harvest vegetables from garden.

The fish water fertilizes the garden and you don't waste any water. Now, you have a garden on top of a pond.

What does this mean?

Free fish dinner with vegetables.

You are now prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Wait i mean you have abs. oh, whatever........

[Spoil]Actually, i have a lake behind my house and we built a platform on the water and pump water to our garden. It works on a big scale, but i don't have any idea if you can do it for real in your own back yard as it does costs money to have a garden on top of water. but, free water plus free fertilizer makes the system low cost after its built mostly self sustaining garden at my lake house minus the cost for bug spray and nets. plus, i wanted to go green and have solar panels and the whole nine yards as well. save the planet and all. =) Fish dinners are tasty after a weekend of fishing with the boys. I brew beer out there as well, but i do have to say this is all set up for weekend fun. nothing more, but i call it my plan for escape when the zombies come. living at the lake house drinking beer and growing food. yes, i have guns there too. Just don't have an underground bunker like the crazy people on t.v.[/spoil]
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