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Discussion in 'W60 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by twisaddicted, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. twisaddicted

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    May 23, 2012
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    Heya people i just came back to TW after a long break and atm i am just looking to take over an account i would really love to have an account in this world

    My timing is from 9 to 22 st (on and off)

    Experience: welll i have played some very good accounts and have handled many multi million (links available)

    I just want to join this world so i can have some Fun with some big wars :icon_twisted:

    You dont have to worry about things like T TRAIN or Sniping i can handle it easily

    if you wanna contact me please add me on skype

    Skype: Twisaddicted
  2. reggietommy

    reggietommy Guest

    Are you posting this on every world? In getting an account here, you will certainly find the war you're looking for...
  3. time member

    time member Guest

    Not in A.I. though, unofficially, SPAM and A.I. are at peace and best of friends.
  4. reggietommy

    reggietommy Guest

    Of course my closest and dearest of comrades....
  5. time member

    time member Guest

    A.I. just hopes to keep out of SPAM's way until SPAM win the world. The 6-29 scoreline in the last 2 months shows that. Look at A.I's leaders profile, proof of their hypocrisy and the bottom feeder he is. At least TCR sticks to their guns and says they aren't fighting SPAM rather than just pretending.
  6. reggietommy

    reggietommy Guest

    we have taken far too long, I would agree, but also, we are now in motion