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At the very least the cost of premium effects should be shared by the co-players. The premium points 100 premium points gives you a 25 point spend equivelant if you have 4 owners (25%). So you have to report number of co-players and then the premium points are adjusted accordingly. New owner added = pro-rata reduction in premium points. Simple... the premium points are 4 times more expensive for a 4 profile owner. Right now they get 100% benefit for 25% of the cost. So either increase the premium price at purchase level (800 points purchase gives to 200 points to use)or increase the number of premium used to gain the effects (200 premium points = 800 premium point spend.)
unsure if your talking about increasing the cost of pp for coplayed accounts or increasing the value of pp for non-coplayed accounts
but to both hell no - due to my currency (and probably some others) not being supported, some players are already paying more then others to get the same amount of pp. also most of the coplayed account in my opinion get by on farmed pp (not bought pp) so think that will just increase the amount of pp farmers on a world

Intentional merging:
Impossible to stop pushing. There's even intentional merging at tribal level. (2 tribes start mass recruiting... then merge and kill off their previous (now tribeless) members .... It's brilliant. Especially if you start a fake war and get the fools to deplete their defensive numbers while defending your offensive players. Just before disbanding the tribe and merging the offensive players into a new tribe.

Maybe make it that a merge must be reported and then is allowed but only into the smallest owner profile....LOL.
Or that the villages of the absorbed member will go to abandoned immediately and that villages previously gained by the absorbing profile will be lost at random to the rate of 50% of those villages gained (from the absorbed profile) in the last 30 days.
it can be stopped, where theres a will theres a way
but with merging and co-players (and what not) remaining outside the game as a grey area neither supported or condemned by inno/tw
then little to no progress will ever be made and were going to be in the same discussions over and over again until something changes or people move on to something else

Skills related:
You will have to learn the skill of not feeling guilty if you take "advantage" of "friends" in-game. You honour system will be a disadvantage to you in the long run if you don't have a coping mechanism to understand in-game tactics. It is a lot easier if you are in a co-played profile because you can simply blame your co-owners for the wrongful acts....Like Sorry that we gained from surprise nobling your village while your defenders were all still in our village. But it was my co-player and I did not know....LOL.
why stoop to their level.... reinforcing the bad mentality of betrayal just makes things worse and ruins the game overall
however if you want every world to end in backstabs, betrayals, lies, deceit and mergers by all means stoop to that level - enjoy the paranoia and empty victories it brings


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Well, this thread has been up all year. I think the effects of the team not taking action on this are being displayed pretty clearly in their tournament. Supposed to be the "fair" world, but it is being very obviously exploited by people with the mentality that it doesn't matter which or how many accounts they effect the game world with


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But surely they'd just get a VPN, there is enough options/free ones out there.

Edit; Comment to be taken as cheaters will still attempt to do it. But if it's obvious and blatant like OP suggested, then crack down on them.
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All the talk that the game will die without coplaying is overly dramatic. Look where the game is now, and look at where the game was before coplaying was common. Still, to ban coplaying would not much benefit to the fairness question. Ban account merging. That's where the real problems are. If three people coplay a single account from the start, then they really only have a minor advantage. They're covering the clock and maximizing activity, which definitely helps. But it doesn't snipe a train.

Account merging is an entirely different matter. It needs to be addressed directly, with a tailored set of rules and procedures. Not by proxy with broad changes. Account merging being accepted as supposedly legitimate is the result of internal nobling players who had quit. But account merging is an entirely different act.

But let's be honest about all this. Banning paying customers is not how Innogames makes money, and dishonorable players are always far more likely to pay top dollar. So there's very little incentive for them to create new rules to instill fairness, much less enforce them with any diligence.