Open Discussion Account pushing and coplaying

Eakshow McGee

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The best way to combat push accounts would be support actually doing something about the blatant push accounts.
To bad you can just use Merge-rule or PPfarming as excuse and you free to go :rolleyes:

Push Accounts needs a bigger part of rules, its way to common right now and not really breaking any rules. Nowadays its players having every coplayer starting on their own account just to gift to main account when villages are big enough. Which doesnt seems to break any rules since we dont see people half of top 50 being banned in start.

Forcing the old account to delete account before villages being noble (and moving to the account) could slow this down a bit atleast.

Bash account (clearing people for others) and then gifting their villages shouldn't be allowed. I mean Bash accounts in general is a weird concept that seems to be allowed.

Making rules that only apply first 1-2 months of the world would also be a great way to not make stuff complicated in mid/lategame if you need to merge accounts because of activity etc but still punish similar behaviour in early game where it gives a huge boost compared to others...