Open Discussion Account pushing and coplaying


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honestly dont understand bashers or what motivates them to fight/clear for larger players (since their typically not in the same tribe)
the basher doesnt grow or gain anything most of the time or they end up merging into the account they been bashing for

a bashers life
log in, attack some random, have someone else conquer, rebuild and repeat
not really appealing gameplay wise in my mind.....
In the past bashers would "work" for the person they bash for by logging in and clearing those villages, in exchange for protection and quite often a bit of training. Yes, it's not appealing gameplay, but under the right set of circumstances it can turn out to be quite useful for the basher.


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I can see where you guys are coming from.
makes a lot of sense to make the limits clear.

here comes the dinossaur but the 400 accounts is exactly what we would've done to prove our point ( support team absolutely ignored the community up to 2015 - can only speak for that time - and so in order to get these things changed we would go and break the limits as fast and as hard as we could )