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My pal is out for the weekend and looking for account sitting. I'm a bit uncertain about the interpretation of the rules and therefore have a few concerns.

We just traded (we haven't transitioned yet).
We both are supporting the same villa.

Will this be an issue? will our support automatically sent out of the villa? Or does the rule only go for troops sent after sitting has commenced?
Thank you in advance


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Thank you for reaching out to us,

To help you better understand the account sitting rules let me first quote the account sitting rule.

If the "Account Sitting" feature is used the account owner is solely responsible for the selection of the sitter and it is assumed that the sitter is in general acting with his/her consent. This applies to any change done to (or by) the account while the account sitting is active. Individual or repetitive misuse of sitting may lead to punishments to all involved accounts. It is at the Support Team's discretion to define misuse on a case-by-case basis.
As you can see from the above, when you set a sitter we advise all players choose someone they can trust to sit them.

To answer your question, once you begin sitting your friend, the support you both have in the same village will remain where it is.

To answer what I believe is your main concern, any interactions your account has on a player whether it be trading, attacking or supporting will result in a block for the other account against the same target for upwards to 48hrs; server setting dependent.

To summarise, if you attack (or support/trade with) Player X using your account then you will not be able to interact against Player X using the account you're sitting for upwards to 48hrs; server setting dependent.

I hope this answers your concerns and question,

Happy playing,