Discussion in 'W50 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by Kittie22, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. 02Mayfair

    02Mayfair Guest

    Would let you co-play my account but its a gonna.

    ODA are munching it up :lol:
  2. Subwind

    Subwind Still Going Strong

    Mar 28, 2009
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    W40 rocks. LakeWind is on there. Not me anymore though....

  3. adrien2285

    adrien2285 Guest

    why dont you fight back, or just delete then, they wont take your villages if they are grey
  4. 02Mayfair

    02Mayfair Guest

    Where the fun on that?

    they mite stop you never know!

    Also i would fight back but i am having troubles getting paypal to work so i can get more PP.(yes i can't play with out premium due to the map being to small.)
  5. Ground-Zero

    Ground-Zero Guest

    This person has lied multiple times, and they are not even good lies, so we are making the point that this player is not good, so that someone does not give their account to this player, only to have it trashed.

    Says the guy who also says he needs TW rehab. :icon_rolleyes:


    Map size is one of the last things I think about when comparing premium to non-premium
  6. adrien2285

    adrien2285 Guest

    when has anyone giving an account through a thread here, in the years i played they always got spammed like no other.

    I just got out of rehab thank you!!! now I got to get rehab for Minecraft :\
  7. Ground-Zero

    Ground-Zero Guest

    Exactly, no one ever gets accounts through these forum sections, you know why? The only people who ever ask for accounts here, are the noobs that can't build up accounts themselves. And why would someone want to give a noob their account?
  8. 02Mayfair

    02Mayfair Guest

    hehe minecraft is so awesome :)

    and yes the little map is very annoying for me as i like things big.
  9. adrien2285

    adrien2285 Guest

    thats what she said
  10. bobby turnip

    bobby turnip Guest

    its why 'she' likes me :p
  11. 02Mayfair

    02Mayfair Guest

    i was thinking that, soon as i hit reply :L
  12. Nutter01

    Nutter01 Guest

    hahahaha epic.