Sir NagsAlot

Hello, W23 players. Well, before I start, let me tell you that I searched for an account to World 2 aswell, but now I don't want to play that world anymore. I looked at W23 maps and I am fascinated about its tribe dominance. The world 23 isn't going to end soon, so I'd like to know if there's a chance of getting an account there?

Account that I am looking for:

10-20 million points (1000-2000 villages)
Some villages should be located at safe-zones.
Some villages should definately be located at the front line (if there's a war going on)

What do I offer?

If you look at my statistics, you'll find nothing. Yes. I do admit it. I haven't achived anything with Sir NagsAlot, but I created it just so I could troll on forums or just find and write something interesting.

Well, but actually, I've handled more than enough accounts (mostly I've been a co) with over 30 million points, so I would be a good owner of such a big account.

As mentioned, I've got some luggage of experience, I do not claim to be the best, but I am not the worst after all.

To keep the account and myself at maximum productivity, I've got some premium ordered already. Right now, 800PP-s are waiting for. Would order monthly, so you can count on me.

I know that I haven't revealed the accounts that I've co-played and I don't think it's neccessary to put the list up here. I'll reveal the accounts when I've got an offer.

A good strategist and a reliable team-player and above all - loyal.

Add me on skype to get the full information: SirNagsAlot2

If you'd give me a chance, I am pretty sure I would fulfill the expectations you have there. I hope you consider it, at least.

Thank you.


If it's possible, then I wouldn't want to co-play anymore. Well, I have my own co-player (my best friend) so if it is possible, then I would like to get an account just for my own use.
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The Drunk Wolf

Honestly mate you don't want to play W23, its been next to dead for over a year at this stage.It woke for awhile but not everyone or very few are participating in it, I'd put my time into looking at another world if i were you.

Sir NagsAlot

Mate, trust me, I do wish to play on this world. But thanks for the heads-up.

I still want to play there.


Does it count towards the idea of W23 being dead that these are the most posts I've seen on the W23 forums in months? :icon_razz:

Sir NagsAlot

I do agree that the most recent posts are the "account lookin" stuff, but if someone would give me a chance, I would prove that I really do wish to play on the world and be active as hell. Sorry for the language.


I think most of W23's forum posters are gone but the reliable/loyal still remain in respectable numbers.(imo)

PM me
Sir NagsAlot and I'm sure we can find something for you. There's still good battles going on if you're up for some action. :icon_biggrin:

Sir NagsAlot

I've got some negotiation offers, but nothing certain. I'm still avaliable for some fun :p


theres no fun to be had cept fightin on skype, and noblin barbs ingame